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Guest Post: Makeup Essentials


Guest Post by Ray  


(Blogger at Ray Connect)

We see many actresses & model flaunt & endorse cosmetics. We read all ads in magazines & newspaper about how fave the product. Our mind is fragile. We succumb to such whims. We hunt down all shops selling these cosmetics. We browse through pages on net to find that particular product & hoard our vanity with lots of makeup. But do we really need so much of cosmetics??
    All women wants to look beautiful. We use cosmetics to make our-self look attractive. This adds to our character along with our attire & boasts our self-confidence.
     I am no different than any other girl in this world. I want to have all the cosmetics in the world in my kitty. But i have to either rob few banks for it or marry the richest guy in the world. Both seem like a ludicrous idea.
     Thank god there are beauty bloggers in this world who bring to us the good & bad about various cosmetic products, tutor us on how to use these product & educate people on all the’ hot and happenings’ of the cosmetic world.
Now coming to the real topic, not all people can afford to hoard their vanity. People like me live on limited budget. I have to think, realize & analyze before buying anything. Every time i buy anything i always ask myself do i really need this.
To help people like me i have come up with the list of essential cosmetic products which we really do need. I will not name any products since our statement of style & our needs in a cosmetic varies from person to person.

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1.    A good cleanser
Our make-up should start with a clean face & end with a clean face. Select your cleanser according to your skin type. Read the label carefully. Most cleansers now have ability to remove make-up or use a make-up remover. Baby oil can be used to remove eye make-up.

2.    Toner
Use a good toner to freshen up your skin before putting make-up. Rose water can be used alternately. You can put it into spritz bottle & use it as facial mist.

3.    Moisturizer
Find a moisturizer which suits your skin well to keep your face hydrated. Even people with oily skin need trial & try method to find your HG product.

4.    Foundation/ tinted moisturizer
Splurge on a good quality foundation that matches your skin tone for those special occasions. There are foundations available for daily wear purposes also. If you don’t want to use foundation on daily basis tinted moisturisers is the best bet. But there are very few such products available in India.

5.    Concealer
Concealer is a must have in your kitty. Buy a concealer that has medium to heavy coverage which can be used to camouflage both under eye dark circles & blemishes on your face. Some concealers can also be good eye primers.

6.    Face powder

Face powders give sheen coverage to our face. It helps to set our make-up & absorbs excessive oil from our face. You can either buy a loose powder or pressed/ compact powder. Loose powder can provide some coverage & works excellent in setting our make-up but are very clumsy to apply whereas compacts are easy to carry & apply but does not add much coverage. Think about what you want from your face powder.

7.    Eyeliner/ Kajal
Kajal or kohl is known as Indian eyeliner. It is used to line the inner rim of our eye whereas most eyeliner is for the outer rim. You also get kohl based eyeliners. Black eyeliners or a kajal is a must have in your kitty. Keep one coloured eyeliner with you if you want to add extra zing to your look.

8.    Eye shadows
Own an eye shadow trio or quad rather than collecting singles. Buy a pallete/ trio/ quad which have a combination of browns & highlights with some other colours. Keep a bronze or golden eye shadows to use on special occasions.

9.    Mascara
Mascaras should be used within 3 months so do not hoard them. Try transparent or coloured mascara instead of black ones for a change.

10.    Blush
Keep one peach blush & one face bronzer to accentuate your cheeks. If you don’t like highlighting your face you can skip bronzer.

11.    Lipsticks
You can keep your lipstick collection minimum to as low as two. One is a nude shade for your office/ work/ college/ casual outings & two is a bold shade to add more glamour. I suggest red since the whole world is drinking red this season. Other bold shades are hot pink & bright orange.

12.    Lip glosses
You will need at least two lip-glosses. One is a nude lip gloss to wear on small outings & a sheer lip gloss to add shine to your lipstick.

13.    Lip liner
You can skip lip liner but if you are clumsy like me while putting lipstick buy a neutral shade lip liner. You don’t have to buy lip liner for every lipstick you buy.

14.    Make-up brush
Three most important make-up brushes you should have are- foundation brush, powder/ blush brush & angular brush for blending & applying eye shadows.
Here goes the list of make-up essentials:
  • Cleanser, toner & moisturizer 
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Loose or pressed face powder
  • Eye shadow trio/ quad
  • Black eyeliner/ kajal & a coloured one
  • Black/ transparent/ coloured mascara
  • Peach blush ( bronzer if you like)
  • One nude & one bold lipstick
  • One nude & one sheer lipgloss
  • A neutral shade lip liner
  • A foundation, powder/ blush & angular make-up brushes

About the Guest Writer
Ray is the short name of our guest writer. She wants to keep her  anonymity :) Ray is a doctor working as senior resident, graduated from medicine last month. Do check out her blog, Ray Connect without fail. She is such a lovely blogger.