Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is it True Apples to Prevent Stroke?

How to prevent stroke, lifestyle and healthy eating is certainly the answer. Because prevention is better than cure. Stroke is a dangerous disease is very disabling.
Ever heard of the fruit to prevent a stroke? have you ever heard that apples can prevent srtoke? Is it true apples to prevent stroke?
Yes, Do not ever underestimate an apple. Besides the sweet, Apples also contain many vitamins, minerals and other elements such as phytochemicals, fiber, tannins, baron, tartar acid, and other very necessary for the body to prevent and combat various diseases.

Believe it or not, eat an apple or pear every day it can cut your risk of stroke by 50 percent. Nutrition experts believe, the content of the compound quercetin in both instances the fruit plays an important role in the fight against stroke.
Researchers say, biochemistry is able to reduce inflammation, which is associated with hardening of the arteries in cardiovascular disease.

Researchers at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, involving about 20,000 adults. In research on fruit that can lower risk of stroke. In volunteers who ate more fruits and vegetables have a white fleshy less risk of suffering a stroke more than 10 years. They take into account, the risk of stroke decreased nine percent each consume 25 grams of apples or pears a day. One proof of apples to prevent stroke

Given that the average size of an apple or pear to have weighed between 100 grams and 125 grams, that means, in a day will reduce the risk of stroke between 36-45 percent.
"Consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables, white may be useful in preventing stroke. For example, eating an apple a day is an easy way to increase your intake of white fruit and vegetables," said Linda Oude Griep, the study's lead author, who published his research in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

However, the fruits and the other colored vegetables may protect you against other chronic diseases. Therefore, it is still important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, "he added
Researchers reveal the existence of the compound quercetin (contrarian stroke) are not only found in apples and pears, but also on raspberries, tomatoes, red grapes, broccoli, and onions.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sharlin Ahmed of The Stroke Association, said the main message from these findings to show that fruit and vegetables are good food to reduce the risk of stroke, regardless of color.

It's interesting to see these findings that the white fleshy fruit and vegetables, like apples and pears, can reduce the risk of stroke. However, this should not deter people to keep eating fruits and vegetables with other colors. Since all kinds of fruits and vegetables has health benefits and remain a vital part of a balanced diet, "he said.
Everyone can reduce the risk of stroke with a healthy balanced diet low in saturated fat and salt, exercising regularly and make sure that your blood pressure within normal limits.

This fruit looks simple, but given that stroke dsangat dangerous, so do not underestimate proper routing to one of the recommendations to consume fruits and vegetables. True that apples reduce the risk of stroke.