Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is't True Coffee Helps Weight Loss?

Talking about weight loss, would not be separated from the factor of food or beverages consumed. There are certain foods or beverages are prohibited, there are also recommended to help reduce your weight. Apparently a lot of different opinions in public about some of the benefits of drinking coffee to losing weight. Some people might have believed, and some do not. Is the information, is't true coffee helps weight loss

Katherine Zeratsky, RD., LD, a nutritionist from the Mayo Clinic explains, a little caffeine can help weight loss or prevent weight gain. But so far, there is no strong evidence that increasing caffeine intake to reduce weight significantly or permanently.

Caffeine is found in various types of beverages including coffee, tea, energy drinks and colas. In fact, caffeine can also be found in products containing cocoa, and in a variety of drugs and dietary supplements, including supplements aimed at weight loss.
Although research on the relationship between caffeine and weight loss is not definitive, there are several related theories that explain how caffeine can affect weight, such as below

Reduce appetite
Caffeine can temporarily reduce your desire to eat in the foreseeable future. Perhaps this is coffee grounds can help weight loss. However, there is not enough evidence to suggest that long-term consumption helps in weight loss.

The loss of fluid
In some people, caffeine can act as a diuretic, which means increasing the amount of urine output. The increasing intensity of urine output, will make the body lose water, which contributes to your weight penurunkan. But this does not result in loss of body fat.

calories burned
Caffeine can stimulate thermogenesis - one way the body to produce heat and energy from the digestion of food. But this may not be sufficient to produce significant weight loss.

Zeratsky noted, few studies have looked at the effect of caffeine and weight loss in animals. But these findings is questionable, because it is difficult to generalize to humans. Some studies even found that decaffeinated coffee may lead to moderate weight loss. This indicates that substances or factors other than caffeine may play a role in weight loss.

Of some statements, it may properly serve coffee a little weight loss, but that does not mean that excessive caffeine for weight loss. What is clear is that the right to consume coffee, did not lead to obesity.