Monday, April 9, 2012

Reader Query: Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Ladies and gentlemen, let me forst introduce Shweta to you all. She is a very good friend of mine, my neighbor and the wife of the "pati's" best friend from college :) She has been asking me to help her with her eye makeup and I have been promising her that I will but the lazy bum that I am, I as usual keep shelving it ;) So she got herself to write to ISLM and get her queries answered ;) Sooo sorry Shweta, next time we come to your place, I am coming all armed with make-up ;)

Shweta asks,
"Heya....I think now all my make-up queries will be answered ...hehe
Suma ,I have small eyes and love to put on kajal and liner on my eyes but oooo it turns to be a disater ...Can you please suggest some everyday eye make-up tips for small eyes...

First off, let me tell you that there are two ways to do make-up on small eyes. One way is to do it in such a way that your eyes appear bigger, the other way is to not give importance to the size of the eye but just emphasize on defining it and enhance the beauty of your eyes... I'll cover both...

To make your eyes seem "bigger" 
For this you'll need to follow these steps:
1. Invest in a white or a flesh colored liner. Suggestion Maybelline Eye Color Studio Pencils.

2. Use this white/nude liner to line your lower waterline... The waterline is the "flesh colored" part of the eyes that you can see just above the lower lashline. This is essentially the place where we like to put our kajal ;) 

3. After you have lined your lower waterline with white liner, apply your kajal on the lower lashline.

4. Now for the eye liner... I would suggest you to use a waterproof liquid/gel liner on your upper lashline for lining your eyes. Do not use the kajal for lining the upper lashline!

5. When you line the upper lashline, do a "curve" with a deep inverted "U" if you want your eyes to look bigger...

6. Always use mascara. They tend to "open up" the eyes. 

7. Try using light/neutral colored eye shadows on your lids. Avoid darker shades as they make the lid heavy and hence make the eyes look smaller.

To only define your eyes, irrespective of the "size" ;)
This is obviously easier and my favorite too :)
1. Apply kajal on your waterline, no need to fuss with a white liner. Make sure that the kajal is smudge proof and does not run out and streak your face int he middle of the day. If it does then change your kajal with immediate effect :) Suggested liners: Maybelline Gel liner in Black, Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil, Revlon Eye liner pencil in Black. These generally stay the whole day without smudging or melting. Avoid Lakme Kajal.

2. Use a liquid liner on your upper lashline. Lakme liquid liner has some very good reviews. Apply it in an increasing gradient... it should be thinner in the inner corner and should start thickening while you go outwards... You must keep trying it and you'll perfect within 5-6 attempts I promise :) 

3. Always use a mascara. I swear by Maxfactor mascara.

Do feel free suggest more tips for Shweta :)

P.S. Shweta, I promise to give you a practical session on this for you to understand better ;)