Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wellness Ocean: Online Store for Natural Health and Beauty Review

Hello girls and guys! Good Morning. Today, I am here with a cool review of a leading shopping site. I happened to visit their shopping site before a week and impressed of their whole collection, products and site design. The site name is "Wellness Ocean", hope you all have already known. I really didn't guess anything about the name before checking their site out, but then realized they have a huge collection like an ocean. More than my views, let the first few lines of their site express what is wellness ocean. "Wellness Ocean takes a holistic approach to well-being. By holistic, we mean considering the whole person and the choices an individual makes to nurture their body and mind – the air they breathe, the moments they take, the products they put in and on their body." Read it? These lines describe the idea of the whole site actually. Believe or not, this specific site is for everyone to shop! Whether you are 8 or 80, a new mom, a teenager, a meditation lover, a nature lover, a health bee, a diabetic patient or a makeup lover etc, Wellness ocean can be your choice. Just be viewing their collection, I can say that Wellness Ocean is a one stop shopping site for everyone in your family, to shop wisely and of course, naturally. Let us check more about the site, their specification, design, products, policies and special offers.

Wellness Ocean Site Appearance

The whole site is a combination of lovely blues and plain white. Just a thing! Don't forget to check out the bottom of their site to see the moving water waves. They are beautiful! Before moving on to the other specifications, let us check their about page, shipping and payment information.

Shipping Information

Most of the products have the free shipping facility too. It becomes another plus.

So how can you make payment? There are several ways to select of your comfort.

Payment Options

Hey wait! One more good news! Are you from Bangalore? You are so lucky then. Check below

It is an easy to shop site where we can shop really fast and easily with categories, categories, special offers, latest products and also some drop downs. Let us check these shopping specifications now.

Top horizontal tabs are present to choose subcategories and search for the products easily. You can see some blue color tabs with titles such as Yoga Products, Aromatherapy, Skin Lightening, Ayurveda, Gift sets and More. So, Isn't that easily? Products are uniformly arranged within the sub categories.

The left side bar also serves as a good feature to organize products. A huge list is present with subcategories, inside that subcategories there are divisions and after that you can view your desired list of products. Huge and interesting collection!

Did you notice? They have wide range of products for Babies, kids and Men too. So, not only the cosmetic and health lovers, everyone will love to shop from Wellness Ocean. Moreover, you can shop yoga products, yoga dresses,organic skin care, hair care and makeup products, vitamin skincare products, spa products, variety of gift sets and natural health supplements. Are you a tea lover? Would love to shop some organic teas such as green tea? Those are available here too.

These drop down menus are my favorite among the other two. You can search by brand, by product types and by needs. This would be super easy for everyone, especially the online shopping beginners. I am showing the view screenshots here to get an idea about the categories present. (Edited for a clear idea)

Got it? This above feature is present on the right side bar and is very useful. For example, when we select acne, all the acne products are listed. Likewise, you can view as many as products in a category that you wish.

Other than these three, one can also shop by latest products and discounts from Wellness Ocean.

Recent special offers (Discounts)

Okay, now let us check out the types of products available. Everything cannot be listed here because their collection is really huge, so I am listing out some product details for your view.

Variety of gift sets available for your family and to gift your relatives and friends :)

Some Aromatherapy products

Some products for Yoga and Meditation

Some Natural Skin Lightening Products

Isn't that interesting? They have yoga T-shirts too!

Are you a Makeup girl? Go for some Organic makeup cosmetics from Wellness Ocean

Yummy Natural health foods!

Oh gosh! Really a huge range of products they have.. Let me finish the review now with a good news! At first, I was about to make a single post on this shopping site, but I realized its not enough with this huge collection :) Hence, I made this review first. Wait for a week or so, I will be doing a haul post here with some interesting products that I purchase. Let me show you all my shopping experience with my haul pictures soon. Keep visiting!

Enjoyed the review? Do check out their site now and leave in your comments about your First Impression.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, all my opinions were my own views .