Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reader Request: Kareena Kapoor's Makeup For Tanned Skin

Ms Nyx asks,
Hey Samyukta,

Let me begin by telling you that I have spent hours checking out your blog. Love the effort you put in and although I'm a new follower, I'm hooked. I have 2 requests.

1. I love how Kareena's makeup is usually a soft eyeliner, with blush and it looks like she hasn't used bronzer to sculpt her face here and here - my prob is every time I use peachy blush like her I end up looking more tan than I am. Are there any alternatives except for pink? I don't want color to drain off my face. Please, could you do a Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup tutorial for tanned skin?

2. What's your take on mineral blushes for the summer? My powder blushes just disappear during the day and cream blushes ain't for me cuz it makes my skin oily. 

It'll be really nice to hear from you. Keep up the great work!

Ms. Nyx of Bak Bak Queen

First off thanks so much Ms Nyx for liking my blog so much :D and appreciating the effort that I put into it :) Yay! This is exactly why I loved Reader Requests so much cause everyone starts with saying something nice :) Mmmmmuuuaaahhh love you all for that! Yup am a teeny bit of a narcissist ;) and all these nice things keeping fueling my ego and in turn I keep trying to do nicer looks for you all ;) See we ve worked out such a nice win-win situation for each other :P Pure Genius I say! *giggle* *giggle*

1. You are totally right with Kareena Kapoor's makeup... Its so soft and feminine and it somehow looks like she does her makeup herself rather than relying on a MUA, which her a "realness" :) And since you have asked for a tanned makeup tute, i think the timing is perfect as I have tanned two shades darker... 

Yup using a peach or a coral blush can make one look shades darker than we really are and yes it does sometimes make one look washed out too... Nothing attractive about that. In order to emulate her blush tone, we need to understand one thing... She is going for an overall "sun kissed" look and since she is super fair, a peach blush is doing the trick for her... For medium skinned and tanned beauties like us (Ahem!), we can achieve this look by either using a bronzer as a blush or using a peach toned blush with golden shimmer. I have and have used Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter's darker shade on my cheek bones. Maybelline's Powder Blush in Apricot Flush also gives the same results :)
Maybelline Blush in Apricot Flush
Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter
The Look

 Now for the tutorial...
a) Notice that she likes to liner her eyes (waterline and tightline) with kajal and then smudges it around eyes to give that "soft" look. For this I have used Maybelline's Gel Liner in black and Colorbar Flat Eye Smudger Brush no 122 to smudge around the eye area...
The Flat Smudger Brush
Apply gel liner/kajal on the waterline and tightline

Smudge the liner under your lashes
Do the same on the upper lashline as well

b) She wears falsies! Yes she does but not the complete set but singles. If you can manage single falsies, then good else stick to a nice volumising and a lengthening mascara :)


Like you yourself pointed out, she doesn't contour cause she is blessed with some killer cheekbones. So I haven't contoured either and simply used Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter's Darker shade as blush on my cheekbones... Am pretty happy with the result ;)

Am wearing NYX Heredes lippy topped with Colorbar Star Metal Lip Gloss in Astral.

She has a luminous glow on her face (all the time), my trick is to mix a bit of orangish golden highlighter or even eye shadow (skin illuminator would be best) with your moisturiser or foundation and apply it all over. Of course this needs a lot of practice :P     

Here's the look...

2. Regarding Mineral Blushes, then I must say I endorse them wholeheartedly and since they are known to be good for the skin as well as not block pores I think they are perfect for summers :) Go for it! :D

P.S. Haven't I tanned a lot? I am quite loving it actually :) "Pati" says I look like "Eva Mendes".. Ok I know he is just saying it, but a girl can dream now can't she? ;)

Pointers From the Readers:
1. PARITA says,
     You are looking gorgeous girl even when tanned! btw another point I want to add if you dont mind is..if you check out both the pics..her under area area is really bright! so if you want the blush to come out in proper color use a good under area concealer and drag it down towards the cheekbones! then apply your blush :)