Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secret Body Slimmer from 10 Countries

It turned out that in every country has different ways to have a slim body or maintain ideal body weight. A weight problem is not just for women, for men, excess weight can be claimed confidence and give a feeling of discomfort, in addition to increase the risk of disease.
The ideal weight is basically achieved by reducing calorie intake comparable output. However, in addition Secret body slimmer  from 10 countries, the slimmer tips that you can try to maintain your ideal body.

1. Brazil
Brazilian people stay slim because they like the traditional diet of rice cooked with red beans. Study in the journal Obesity Research found that the food is not only low in fat, but also high in fiber.

2. Netherlands
The number of bicycles in the Netherlands there are 18 million, exceeding the population that only 16.5 million. However, unlike people in other countries that occasional bicycling, 54 percent of the Dutch to make cycling as part from routine, for example, for the office or shopping. The average Dutch person taking Ruti 541 miles every year.

3. India
Yoga is considered as an exercise to relieve stress and increase flexibility and strength. In fact, people who practice yoga generally have lower body weight than people who do not exercise. Yoga is also beneficial to increase metabolism and self-awareness, including attention to what we eat.

4. Japan
Although famous for its busy residents are high, but they always set aside time for a 20-30 minute nap. Sleep is known to be useful enough to suppress the hunger hormone, namely leptin. The less you sleep, the higher levels of leptin and ghrelin.

5. German
According to the survey, 75 percent of German breakfast at home every day. Breakfast menu usually consists from cereal or bread Cereal intact. Breakfast habits not only make diasup calories less during the day, but it also helps concentration.

6. English
One of the strategies taken by UK residents is to reduce portion sizes. Therefore, if you happen to be in fast food restaurants in the country, the waiter will not ask you if you order french fries in a large or small portions.

7. Mexico
Mexicans generally eat large meals during the day, namely at 14.00 until 16.00 hours, so as calories received was used in air activity. Reduce the size of the meal in the evening, it is appropriate to maintain ideal body weight

8. France
According to the survey, 92 percent of families in France to eat with the family every day. Lunch time is the time to communicate. Therefore, they also fill it with the meal conversation. This strategy turned out to be an effect on food diasup. In other words, as more talk, they eat less.

9. Poland
The majority of Polish people only spend 5 percent of their budget on eating out. In addition to healthier, eat together at home is also beneficial to enhance the bond between families. Served meals at home and a good healthy diet makes your body slim Polish people

10. Thailand
Cuisine a la Thailand belong to the most spicy foods while local food in the country is no less real. Capcaisin in chili peppers are known to increase metabolism. However, the main advantage of spicy food is making us eat more slowly. Thus, the body will more quickly send satiety signals to the brain.

Simple secrets from 10 countries about maintaining the slimness of the body can be selected and applied jjika you would have the slim body. Or you input a list of your weight loss program, it's a good thing.