Saturday, April 14, 2012

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: MakeUp ForEver Star Powder Shade 940

Every once in a while you come across a product that makes you wonder how could you survive all this while without it. It compliments you, enhances you, in short it completes you. And yes ladies and gentlemen, today I am talking about one such product that has completely transformed the way I do make-up :) In the Spotlight today, ladies and gentlemen is MakeUp For Ever Star Powder Shade 940...
MUFE Star Powder Shade 940
MakeUp For Ever Star Powders are basically a fancy name given to loose pigments. But they are way smoother and finely milled than our favorite MAC pigments. The star powder generally comes in various shades but the shade that is in the spotlight is Shade 940.

MUFE Star Powder Shade 940 looks innocently "white" in its container and its very easy to pass it up for a brighter and a more "colorful" color, but that I assure you would be the biggest mistake of your life :P Cause once you spread it or pick it up with your brush you'll notice the "whiteness" has all disappeared and what you are left with is a beautiful Orange-ish Golden Glow :)
The "White" warms up to a gorgeous Orangey Gold
 I accidentally spilt some on the bathroom counter. You can see the "white" pigment on the top right corner. Once it is "spread" around, it magically turns a Orangish Golden :) Gorgeous isn't it? ;)

It's ideal as highlighter and to some extent even as a bronzer. You can use it as an illuminator by mixing it with your moisturiser, you can use it as an eye shadow and well you can mix it with a clear lip gloss to give your lips a lovely orange-golden sheen as well #MultiPurposeProduct. This product surely qualifies for #IfYouHadToUseOnly1ProductAllYourLife category :P

Since it so finely milled, it blends very easily with your eye shadows. It I swear is a delight to work with and the way it transforms color is simply magical :) You just need a little bit of the product and it goes a long way :) Though I still wish that I had bought a backup for it :P With only ONE MUFE store in India, I sure should have gotten myself a backup ;)

It costs around INR 900/- and for the quality, usability, beauty and brand, I think its an awesome price to pay! :D

Is the product perfect? Are there no cons? Well! there is a major con, which is actually very bugging and that is the container is totally useless. Its a small "dibbi" with a screw on lid that basically results in a lot of product wastage :( I wish MUFE made their star powder containers tall like MAC does for its loose pigments...

In the following LOTD, I have used the powder as a highlighter on my brow-bone and on my cheekbones. Also I have used it on the lid with some duraline. I have used MAC Texture on the crease to give a bit of depth.

Do I Recommend?
Oh you can bet your life that I recommend it whole-heartedly. So much so that all my makeup products are on one side and this on one side.

Overall Rating: