Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vietnamese tea and health

"Drink wine in the morning and tea in the afternoon," said Vietnamese. While many may miss the wine, but tea in the morning, lunch and evening - never!
With the start of tea and tea all come to an end a meal. He was placed on the ancient altars as an offering, presented each guest. At festivals, weddings, funerals and business meetings cup of bitter Vietnamese green tea - an indispensable attribute.

The researchers claim that green tea grown in Vietnam before was in China. Some of the old tea bushes in plantations in northern Lang Son Mountains reach 18 meters in height.
When a guest comes into the house, the master or mistress of the house leaving all his affairs, washes his hands, gets tea-and proceeds to cook tea. Hospitality is a tradition, and who came to the location of expression, and no issue will be discussed without a cup of tea. Although Vietnam is no formal tea ceremony (like Chinese or Japanese), however there are some rules for the preparation of a perfect cup of tea.
In accordance with the tradition of tea should be made from rain water or, better yet, the drops of dew collected from lotus flowers before sunrise.
"At sunset, need to sit in a boat, sail to the growing lotus flowers, and until they are closed at night, fall asleep in each flower small amount of tea, and early in the morning until the flowers are not revealed to disrupt them with the dew of large lotus leaves collected in the jug. On collected water and lotus flowers collected welded together with the tea. " (From the memoirs of Mr. Truong Quoc Tiena).

Standard tea set consisting of teapot, four small cups and one large, used for filtering and bottling. Top tea sets - white and blue from the village on the outskirts of Hanoi Batchang.

Tea brewed with boiling water, pouring it into the teapot to the overflow. Because tea is always substituted by a flat tray to collect water and keep pouring out the bottom of the pot warm. Picking up a cup of tea, drink it in small sips, enjoying the taste and odor. And do not drink too much in these little cups - a lot of caffeine.
Standard Vietnamese green tea known as "tea, curved hook," because the leaves are rolled up after roasting. Some argue that the correct name of the tea - "palmopodobny" because the leaves are curved thin white coating, as a palm leaf. Tea is the highest grade is called  (Thai Nguyen) on behalf of the province where it is grown.