Monday, April 30, 2012

Whipping Up A Storm: Body Lotions and Body Butters on the Face?

I know I will be a whipping up a storm when I say what I am going to say and well it is quite possible that I will have almost everyone against me but still let me say it :P
I often use a body lotion and in extreme cases body butters on my ----wait for it---- FACE!

Seriously I do... I have very very very dry skin... I know a lot of people wouldn't believe it cause many of my friends and people I know say that it doesn't look that way, but honest to God I have the driest skin God could have ever "blessed" anyone with :P And since eternity I have been using Body lotions on my face... I started out with Vaseline body lotion then graduated to Garnier's Body Cocoon and in Winters even use TBS Body butters on my face. Yup the TBS SA actually was scandalized and almost "scolded" me for doing so but then I am stubborn person! :P

There is only one "logical" reason that I could fathom as to why body lotions and butters shouldn't be used on the face and that is because body products could prove to be super oily for your face and could result in you breaking out like crazy but I guess when you have dry skin like me then that is the only respite you get :P You see none of the face moisturizers (Lakme, Neutrogena, Lotus, Biotique, TBS) have ever suited me excepting Kiehl's ultrafacial cream (well yes thats a cream) and so I have always had to resort to "body" products and well they have worked wonderfully for me :) My skin does look moisturised and not dry and so I am happy with the results :)

How do I or you know I or you have extremely dry skin?
1. I need a heavy moisturiser even after washing my face with plain water.
2. "Moisturising" soaps like Dove, Johnson's and Johnson's and Pears do me no good! They are pretty useless to me...
3. In winters if I do not use a body oil after a bath I start getting cuts on my body (read back, stomach, thighs and legs)

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing body products for the face! Do what suits you best :P

MORAL I generally do not listen to people blindly where skin and hair care is concerned and I do not recommend anyone to do that. What I am trying to say here is that 40% of your decision should be what others recommend in order to give you a sense of direction in a sea of products available to us, 10% should be your gut feeling and 50% should be based on what suits you personally cause everyone of us is UNIQUE and no one will ever understand what suits you best more than you yourself :) So ladies go out and try out things! :D