Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Judgment Choosing Wedding Gown

One of the wedding preparation is choosing a wedding gown for the wedding is not a simple thing. For some, this becomes an important requirement for both partners to be married. That is why the selection of a wedding gown is always prepared well in advance. There are even plans for the type of a wedding gown to wear.

Naturally, every bride would appreciate the wedding moment, of giving a beautiful appearance. If this is what you will experience, it's good to know 3 judgment choosing a wedding gown.

1. Color
So far the top choice in white a wedding gown for the bride. But now they are more willing to choose a different color. Today was, the designers have also issued a collection of a wedding gown in various colors.

Vera Wang, for example, created a collection of black wedding dress as part of the Fall 2012 collection. While for the Spring 2013 collection, he plans to give a touch of bright red color for her wedding dress.Other designers also issued in red wedding dress is Oscar de la Renta and Romona Kevenza. All of this suggests that the current trend a wedding gown is no longer exclusively white, but can also be any color as you see fit.

In essence, you can consider what colors match the theme of the wedding. Or you can wear your favorite color. But white is the most generally, and the color pink has begun bustling worn by brides

2. Lace gown
When considering the style of a romantic wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William. If the first lace is considered to make women look older, thanks to her lace-image can become more modern and feminine. Additional lace can give a touch more sexy and classic gown with any model. No wonder so many brides want to feel to be a princess by using models or adapt some parts of her bridal gown.

3. Fashion style
One of the best bridal fashions current trend is backless models. This model has the advantage that accentuate the back of the Let's look toned and sexy bridal gown Bella Swan used in the movie Twilight, designed by Carolina Herrera. The dress looks stunning because it shows the back open.

To highlight the impression of sexier, far more women choose a strapless gown or tank top. But, again, Kate Middleton managed to change the view by showing that women do not have the sexiness of women highlighted through strapless gown. American women now usually choose a gown with long sleeves rather than the open at the shoulders. Sleeved wedding dress actually looks very refreshing compared to a strapless gown.

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