Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to You My Siri Sis!

Hiya girls :) This is going to be one of the most important and most memorable post for me in our blog. It's all about my sister-come-friend, Siri. If you're into regular beauty blogging, no way you want me to intro her. Yes! She is a beauty blogger too, at My Likes and Thoughts [She had stopped blogging now :( and I worry for that a lot, even scolded her many times to get back into blogging again] I haven't made any wish post, or even a new year wish post here on our blog, but this day is so special and I simply can't help me typing the post :) She is so special to me and one of my best best best friends in blogging, of course I can say she is the first and best one than others. And no! We have neither met nor talked in phone, me or her haven't heard our voices each other, just through gmail our chat continues.

24:12:2011 is the first day we started chatting :) At the first day itself, I started calling her sis and we were chatting for about 40 minutes. Then we wished each other Happy Christmas and finished our chat.

You wont' beleive, we started chatting for hours from the next day. Even though not daily, we still use to chat often and we talk about our family, friends and blogging etc. She is the one who thought me a lot in blogging. To be frank I didn't even know how to review lipsticks when I started blogging. She is the one who thought me and she is too kind to me from the day of our friendship. I even said my mom about her many times and no words to say... she's just a sweetest person and soft of course :P [Yes, I have never seen her angry] And the surprise thing is that, she's going to be a MOM! :D I am happily waiting to see the cutie.

Siri Sis, Happy Happy birthday to you :) 

 I thought to make a call  to you at sharp 12 but got a little hesitated that we have never spoke in phone :P I will never forget you in my life! You're one of the kindest persons I have ever met.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and may all your wishes come true this upcoming year!! :D

P.S: Sis, I am not going to let you know about this post, let me see how soon you find it :) And all my friends, please wish my Sis Happy birthday, I would be delighted! Waiting for your comments and love.