Monday, May 21, 2012

As The Door Closes.

sounds like a soap opera, but that is what is happening to my life. My eldest and her group were here the other day and when I said goodbye to my granddaughert who is 9, she aaid grandpa why don't you call me that name anymore when we leave and i did not know what she was talking ablut and asked her, she said oh it is ok grandpa, you just don't remember things anymore. That kind of hit home as to she understands and can see the changes taking palace. My daughter and I think it was the same day told me she missed me and i was really lost on that one. I just looked at her and she told me she misses how we would jokw around and that i do not do that much anymore but she understood that things were getting harder for me. It almost felt like she said goodbye while she still could. Right now i feel like shit and am not in a good place, which seems to becoming normal. Oh well It is What it Is.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!