Monday, May 21, 2012

Vedic Line BB Cream SPF 20 Review & Swatches

BB creams are becoming more popular in India and spreading like anything. There are many new comes of BB creams in Indian market and the one claims to be 'Paraben free' is this Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream from their Vedic Line + Range of products. Paraben free is always good in my point of view and hence my hands were itchy to get this BB cream soon after the launch. But lucky me, the brand sent me a BB cream for review and I saved my bucks from my pocket money [Umm.. Let me snack some french fries] They also sent a apricot scrub along with this for reviewing purpose and I have been using it too for past two weeks. Let me review the scrub later and here comes the Vedic Line BB cream review for you all. I have used this 4-5 times till now and observing its effects, let us check my detailed experience now.

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20

Product Description

Serves as foundation or premiere of application of make up. Does not come off easily by sweat or sebum. Protects for up to 12 hrs unless washed with soap.

Vedicline BB Cream - Written on the Outer Carton

Shades Available:
Hmm nope! No shades, this is the only one available [I am wondering how just a single shade for all skin types?!]

Price and Quantity:
Rs. 250 for 30ml

Shelf life: 24 months

Ingredient list:

I had no time to type [Read 'lazy'], so check the image below.

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20 - Ingredients

Experience with this product:

This BB cream comes in a cute pink tube with a screw cap and a nozzle tip dispenser. The nozzle dispenses the right  amount of cream from the tube, hence no struggling and no messing up. Ah I forgot to say, this pinkie pinkie tube is compactly placed inside a outer carton, no doubt that's pink too :) [I am a great pink lover, hence I love the simple, cute and pink packaging]

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20 - Packaging

 The cream has a slight runny consistency, somewhat in between a body lotion and a cream. It spreads smoothly onto the skin and feels light. It has a hardly noticeable floral and some essential oil mixed smell, I love it. Check the swatch, before and after pics of Vedic Line BB Cream below.


Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20 -  Swatch

Before and After Application:

Vedic Line Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20 : Before and After Application

Soon after the application it brightens up the facial skin and adds that natural glow.  Dry and combination skin types will love this BB cream than the oily skin types. It gives a nice dewy finish that stays for a good time. About the blemish, wrinkles, spot covering claim, this does not help much, you still need to concealer for perfect coverage. It is surely not a good pick for oily skin types, especially in summers. It makes the T-Zone oily after a hour of application but if you are still tempted to try it, welcome a matte finish compact [And carry it on your bad too for regular touch ups] Overall,  this is semi-matte semi-dewy finish BB cream for combination and dry skin types.
    It neither makes normal skin greasy nor dry but dry skin types would need a moisturizer beneath it. They have clearly mentioned to use a moisturizer if we wish, so I cannot state the moisturizing thing as a con for dry skin types. For the price and quantity, it is a good buy. A single tube will last for months.


  • Brightens up the skin instantly, feels light on skin
  • Paraben free [Its a huge relief for many girls, including me]
  • Doesn't tends to change skin oily or clog pores
  • Hydrating enough for summer dry skin types as well
  • Combination skin types may love this
  • Doesn't leave skin stretchy dry or patchy any time
  • Covers the skin surface evenly without appearing streaky
  • It might manage oil secretion good in winters without making the cheek parts dry in combination skin types
  • It is neither matte nor dewy but gives a in between natural finish
  • Covers up minor imperfections well
  • Conceals dark circles a bit
  • Cheap price for the quantity, a single tube would last longer really
  • Handy, hygienic and easy to use nozzle tip packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Not tested on animals

  • Not for oily skin types as it does not help with oil control
  • Sometimes, it tends to change the T-Zone oily in combination skin types too
  • Except the dry skin types, regular blotting and touch ups in necessary for other skin types
  • Does not help in covering blemishes and spots that well, it just gives a light coverage
  • Only a single shade available! It even makes my deep dusky skin look that 'white' not glowy, hence some shades should be introduced. This shade suits only fair-wheatish and wheatish-dusky skin tones. A big no-no for deep dusky and dark people :( [Including me]
  • The SPF 20 is not enough, still that cannot be taken as a major con for the price and other qualities

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation: If you have pale or wheatish to dusky skin type, then give a try. Remember, your skin needs to be of combination or dry type as well. This product is not for extra oily girls in summers. I also doubt whether it would be a shade darker on extra fair skin complexions.

Would I Repurchase?:  Surely I would if they introduce some more shades because I guess this would perfectly suit my skin in winters without drying it. I can manage the oiliness with my compact because after all I get a 'natural glow' without parabens!

Hope you liked this Vedicline BB Cream review. Do drop in your comments and love. And let me know your experience with this cream in case you tried it! Waiting to hear all the sweet words from my readers.