Monday, May 28, 2012

Kyra & Me Together to Cheat the Angry Sun!

Challenge the Sun & Save Your Skin

Fine, if you're living in Chennai then you would be definitely knowing the exact meaning of 'summer'. Chennai's summer is something bad, something hot and something intolerable the most. Even when we are inside our homes, our body gives a 'Just now had a shower' effect then just imagine about how it would be when we are out! I have no idea about the other cities of India but I am sure Chennai has one of the most summery summers and yes! I have tried, tested and found some interesting ways to cheat the anger sun and save my skin as well, with Kyra.  What's so special with Kyra?! She has introduced me the yellow cuties (Of course the products from Lakme's New Sun Expert Range) to cheat the angry chilly sun!! Not only these yellow skin savers, but Kyra has also taught me how & when to use them to save my precious skin from the hot sun and pamper it at the end of the day! I thought why not to share them with you all? So let us move on to the post now?

So, this is the girl Kyra, (The yellow sun shine girl on the right side of the pic) with her super magical 'summer skin savers' on the left side (Packed in cute yellows isn't it? These are the great yellow warriors to beat the yellow sun). Say Hi to Kyra now!! She & me are going to discuss now about combating the angry sun throughout the day from morning to evening!

Our Early Morning Conversation

I got up in the morning and made a call to Kyra to ask about the plan of the day, as we are spending our summer holidays together! Kyra wants to play beach volley ball having some cold drinks, but me hesitated to join the game with her due to the hot yellow man (The sun of course!!) If I do, my already dusky-dark skin would become so much darker and unevenly tanned. I do not care about being 'dark' but still then the unhealthy, uneven tan is something bad! She said, 'Come on Lancy, I have something special for you!!' 
Okay, me going now. Lets see how Kyra is going to help me with getting rid of 'tan' & 'red sun burns'

Don't Hide From the Sun, Just Face it!

While there are many sunscreen products in this particular Sun Expert Range of Lakme, Kyra first introduced me the Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++. Well, I could guess the reason why (The higher the higher SPF, the longer the protection would be!) Yes, we are going to continue our game till evening. So, I applied this sunscreen over my arms, legs and face and Kyra too did the same on hers! What a surprise!? My skin did not feel any greasy or uncomfortable with this sunscreen unlike the other high SPF sunscreens in the market. My skin felt very light, smooth and refreshed with the fragrance of cucumber and lemon grass extracts! We played the game and had a huge fun till 4 in the evening! I did not feel much sun irritation on my skin as I applied this sunscreen for sun protection. As soon as we reached our home, I found that my skin hasn't been tanned or got red! This is a shocking sweet surprise for me Yay!

My Happy Mind Voice
I do not want to say goodbye to my mini skirts and sleeveless dresses in summer anymore.. 
I do not want to hide inside my home anymore.. 
I do not want to skip going for swimming anymore..
I do not want any other Sun Screen else than this Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ anymore 

 I thanked Kyra for introducing me this magical sunscreen and asked her whether I can get the MORNING glow on my face again! She said yes and introduced me some more sun expert cuties from Lakme.. Eager to know? Go head and read below.

After Sun Skin Routine to Achieve that MORNING Glow

Well, we enjoyed the day well, prevented excess tanning and our skin is really SAFE from tans and burns now! But a little greedy me, wanted to get back that MORNING glow on the skin. Yes! you're right, the freshness and brightness we find on our skin every morning. Kyra got me the Lakme Sun Expert Skin Lightening + Detan After Sun Face Wash this time. We were full of dirt and sweat by the end of the day due to the 'Beach volley ball game' (It was fun though) and Me & Kyra washed our faces with this after sun face wash. It was transparent, thin and the fragrance is just pleasant! Woa! It instantly refreshed skin and vanished all the dirt, makeup & sunscreen residues and dullness!! Fine, we refreshed and cleansed the face well and what is next? Now I saw the Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De tan face pack in Kyra's hand. Unlike the face wash gel from this range, this is a smooth white creamy face mask to bring back the brightness in our face! As per the instructions we used this face pack and found the natural bright glow on our face instantly. Yippee! We both achieved the morning glow on our faces and lastly I wanted something to calm down and soothe my skin which would be so delightful in hot summer evenings. Me and Kyra got ourselves the Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening gel (This is the most favorite product of mine from this range.. ) This gel comes in a cute yellow tube and is semi transparent in colour. I myself found it smooth, gliding on my skin and of course it gives a very nice cooling sensation (For which my skin hungers in summers) and that's it! Me and Kyra were done with our after sun skincare routine.. We now got the morning glow, hooo wait, our faces were glowing than the morning actually :D :D Not only these, there are some more sun expert goodies from this range available which you can choose depending upon your very own skin type. (Tempting isn't it?) Do not miss them!

Happy Ending of the Fun Day!

And at the end of the day, at 6 PM, Kyra took leave saying me that we can go for shopping in the hot sun next day! (Wink wink) Now I am not at all scared, because I have the superb yellow skin savers with me :D

Ha ha! Check out the sun, we challenged it and finally CHEATED it LOL!
Our cute yellow sun expert goodies cheated the huge angry sun at last!Tell him not to cry please :P

Lucky we, Me & Kyra to cheat the sun and retain the natural glow on our faces with Lakme's Superb Sun Expert Range [Yes yes, we couldn't forget that cucumber & lemon grass fragrance, soo... refreshing) So how lucky are you? Go grab yourself the Lakme Sun Expert Goodie pack and challenge the angry sun everyday! Believe us, you would be delighted for sure!

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