Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reader Query: Light Makeup for an Indian Wedding

Jayde asks,

Hey Samyukta,
I've got my brother's wedding coming up and I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and only ever use nivea lipbalm on my lips. But one of my Bhabhi's (sister-in-laws) decided that we are all going to get dolled up! 

I have incredibly fair indian skin and have been burdened with quite thin lips. I want quite a natural look rather than walking in looking like a clown, so no typically bright colours. What natural colours and make up brands would you recommend to enhance my lips?
Yeah, I live in the UK unfortunately. We are mixed race - my mum was Spanish and my Dad is Indian Gujarati. However, my dad's features turned out to be more dominant, so I have deep dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin.

My brother will be having a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony based in London, so what would you advise? Nothing too bright? I'll be wearing a turquoise Saree if that helps in any way .. 

Hey Jayde, first off I just cannot stop imagining how exotic your looks must be with a mix of Spanish and Indian in your genes :) Secondly "thin" lips are never an issue cause I myself have them and have been "enhancing" since eternity now ;) LOL... 
Now since you say you are wearing a Turquoise saree, I am praying that it has golden accents rather than silver and so I would suggest you to go for a light golden wash of eye shadow on your eyes. Suggestion: MAC All That Glitters (hands down!), some kohl, liquid liner and lots of mascara :) Its an Indian wedding after all :D
If by chance your saree has silver accents, then DO NOT use a silver eye shadow. Instead go for something shimmery neutral like MAC Ricepaper/Nylon or MAC Loose Pigment in Naked
Now for the lips, I would have worn Red lipstick ;) but since you specifically want something not very bright, then I would suggest some soft pink lipsticks in a glossy or shiny finish. Stay away from matte lippies as they make the lips look more severe and hence thinner :( Now am not too sure about the brands that you get in the UK but I am guess MAC is a common brand between us for sure so I'll stick to that :) Lipstick suggestions: MAC Craving, MAC Angel, MAC Syrup.
Also you could altogether give a lipstick a miss and go for MAC cremesheen lipglass in "Double Dare"... Its an opaque glossy pink gloss... Gorgeous for warm skinned beauties :)
The trick behind "enhancing" thin lips is to make it look hydrated and glossy. Dry/matte lips look thin while glossy lips look more plumped up and well "juicy" :P
Also do go for a peachy, corally blush. Preferably matte as you'll be having a shiny lip... Suggestion: MAC Immortal Flower, MAC Springsheen (though it isn't matte) and MAC Margin. Remember to apply it really lightly.
Even if you plan to forgo the eye makeup, do wear loads of mascara. The Lip makeup and the blush are a must though :)

Oh and for your face do apply a light foundation. MAC Mineralize Cream Foundation in the compact form gives a light coverage that you can build up easily if need be :)