Friday, May 4, 2012

Reader Query: How to Get a Glow for Dry Skin

I keep getting a lot of queries for getting glowing skin, but this I guess is the first time I got one that sounded really earnest... So rather than rattling out "my" skin care regimen and products, I decided to do an in-depth post about it. I analysed and researched a LOT and I finally came up with this...

Do read on... And btw this is what Vani asked :)

Hey Suma :)

First thing Kudos to you and your blog... I just love you and your cute face.... and yes you have a wonderful smile :)

Keep doing this good job..

My query is I apply moisturizer (fab india green tea) and then I apply maybelilne BB cream but somehow I feel my skin is not glowing from inside. I feel that I am missing somewhere... I am always confused when should I use sunscreen (though maybelline BB cream has SPF 21+) and also do I need to apply loose powder. I have dry skin and after applying the BB cream my skin looks bit oily. I have dark circles as well so please suggest me what cream should I use to make my skin have that glow which you have (hahahaaa :*).

Please suggest me a loose powder suiting dry skin, a sunscreen, something to conceal dark circle (daily wear) and also the techniques to apply this and also after which step do i need to apply BB cream.

With Luv,

First off, let me state that there are 2 ways we can get glowing skin. One using makeup and the other by using the right skin care products. I'll cover both here :)

1. Glow with MakeUp
If you want to "glow" using makeup then there are a few points you will need to keep in mind...
i) Finding the right base. I find Maybelline's BB Cream to not work for me if worn for a longer duration. 3-4 hours is fine with it but it cannot survive 8 hours in office on me. I find it makes me feel dry on the cheeks and forehead but makes the T-zone oily! If you want to use a base on a daily basis you could either look for a Tinted Moisturizer that suits you or get yourself a light coverage mineral foundation or do what I do and mix a liquid foundation meant for dry skin with your moisturiser and apply it :) 

ii) Also use a cream blush instead of a powder blush. It is guaranteed to give a glow to your cheeks :) Remember to apply the cream blush in a "pat-pat" motion :)

iii) Use a highlighter lightly on the bridge of your nose and apples of your cheeks to get that instant glow! Though this tip should be avoided in college/office :P

2. Glow with Skin Care 
This is the way that is my favorite cause it is lasts longer and gives you a natural glow :) So let's get started. Do note that I am assuming that you follow a "healthy" diet. There are two things that keep one's skin from glowing and that is "dryness"/lack of moisture and dead skin. Yup these are the only two things that you need to fight in order to get your skin to glow and look flawless :) 

Of course combating dead skin is easy, you need to get yourself a good face scrub and exfoliate at least once in a week. I exfoliate twice a week cause it works for me better. You need to find what works for you and follow that :) I oscillate between FabIndia's Walnut scrub, St Ives Apricot Scrub and EverYuth's Peach scrub. 

Now let's look at a strategy to fight against lack of moisture. All skin types including Oily skin need the right amount of moisture and since Vani you have mentioned that you have dry skin, moisturising should be your foremost priority. You use FabIndia's Green Tea Moisturising Lotion but I am guessing it isn't working for you cause it is more of a "All Skin Types" lotion. Us dry skin beauties need to take "dry skin" very seriously because if not taken care of properly we are the first ones to show signs of aging in the form of wrinkles. Therefore I would suggest going for moisturisers that are specific to dry skin only! You will need to try out a couple of samples of different lotions and creams to see what suits you best! I generally use TBS Vitamin E cream and Garnier's Body Cocoon on my face.The next time I am in either Mumbai or Delhi, I will be picking up their UltraFacial Cream as well cause I had tried the sample and it proved to be heavenly for my skin :) You should try that out as well :)

Also, if you live in a humid city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Vizag, Kochi etc, then I would suggest you to apply Almond Oil on your face, neck and arms every third night before you go to sleep. If you stay in a "dry" city like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc like I do then I would suggest you to use Olive Oil every alternate night before you go to sleep :) I stay in Pune and use Olive Oil :)

Remember Moisturising is the key to Glowing skin especially if you have dry skin :D

Also do note that regular exercises and lots of fruits in ones diet gives a lovely natural glow too :)

Regarding your other queries:
1. Since you have dry skin you needn't use loose powder. I mean there is no need for it :) Why do you want to clog your pores for no reason at all? :P

2. Concealing dark circles is a MUST. If you have light circles under your eyes like I sometimes get, use a lighter concealer like Colorbar's stick concealer. If your dark circle problem is more persistent then I would suggest you to go for either Bourjois or MAC. They are the best in the market :D Clinique is also awesome!

3. Sunscreen should be worn when you plan to go out in the sun even if it is for 10 mins. You can use it above your moisturiser like I do. Lakme's New Sun Expert Range suits me very well :)

I hope all this helps you :) If you need to know more please do not hesitate to get back to me :)