Friday, May 4, 2012

Before you get on a bike

Must be properly prepared. Although what I mean?We have, and before boarding the car is not always aware of what they do, and here - is great ... I sat down - and went.Meanwhile, a bicycle - a vehicle even more dangerous than a car, first and foremost - to own cars.

Untrained cyclist on a faulty bike - what could be worse on the road on which a light vehicle is known to be a disadvantage?
So, my dear, do not dismiss me as a tiresome fly, and before you go on a bike, after all how to prepare.
Start with yourself Knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, comfortable sportswear, which is not wrapped in a chain - all the mandatory gear cyclist, especially if its path will run on public roads.
Now the bike Bell, front and rear reflectors, mirrors, panels and trunk, frees your hands - as is mandatory equipment for a bicycle, without which the iron horse has no right to even stick your nose into the street.
Finally, inspection of the vehicle:

· Pump up the tires to the maximum pressure to check for damage, and in general - to bring the wheel in order.
· Check the tightness of the spokes, and immediately replace the damaged.
· Inspect brake pads, brake cables and shirts: brake pads have to open and close perfectly.
· Meticulously look at some of the chain: there are no damaged parts, it is lubricated enough. Grease (do not skimp).
· Now lift the bike and drop it sharply: no rings? At least, it should not. If any part rattles or loose - the key in hand and return the item in place.
And only now you can sit on the bike.