Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reader Request: Anushka Sharma's MakeUp in the Canon Ad

Basically, importantly, fundamentally many beauty bloggers have already done this tute like Sukanya and Bidisha but Pranali has been asking me to do this since two weeks now and she kinda gave me an ultimatum to do it on Sunday during our blogger's meet and well I had to oblige :)

Sukanya and Bids you did some awesome work on it and I totally "dig" both your tutes... I hope my doing this tute isn't gonna step on any toes :) I will be doing my interpretation of the look :)

Honestly? I have taken the picture quadrant from Sukanya's blog "A Few Unnecessary Stuff" :D

My Interpretation
Anushka's look is actually a very simple, everyday look with well defined eyes and peachy lips. The overall look is crisp and can be worn almost everyday. I am even wearing it to office today :)

1. Let us analyse the eyes first...
The eyes as you can see is well defined with kohl in the waterline and no fuss with any nude or white liner to make the eyes seem bigger and stuff. If you notice her eyes in the first three quadrants, you'll feel like she has applied a lot of black smudged liner on her upper lids but if you see her profile which is the fourth quadrant you'll notice that her upper lids are actually quite crisp and thinly lined. The kohl on the lower lashline on the other hand has been smudged with a brown eye shadow.
Also her crease has been defined using a nude shade of brown eye shadow.

2. Zero or negligible blush
I have applied quite a bit of blush as I dp not have a long face like Anushka. I have more of a round face and so to make it look longer I had to apply a blush :)

3. Warm Peach lips...
Since I have pigmented lips and a lot of "yellow" undertone,Peach lippies kinda look Pink on me. So I have a darker Orange gloss to create the "warm" effect.

1. Take a nude/neutral brown eye shadow and using a stiff blending brush apply it in the crease area to deepen your crease. I have used MAC Texture eye shadow with MAC 226 brush.

2. Next take a very natural looking highlighter shade and apply it on your browbone area. I have used MAC RicePaper.

3. Then apply kajal on your lower waterline. Re-apply to make it really dark. I have used my Maybelline Gel Liner.

4. Then taking the same neutral brown shadow used in step 1 using a flat smudger brush, smudge the kajal in the waterline with the shadow on the lower lashline. I am using COlorbar's brush number 122.

5. Finally apply a liquid liner (no a pencil liner or gel liner not allowed :P) on the upper lashline very thinly. Finish your look with a mascara :D

6. For the cheeks I have used a bronzer and Colorbar Star Metallics Lip Gloss in Astral for the lips :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)