Monday, May 7, 2012

Aloe Veda Wild Rose with Basil Moisturising Bathing Bar Review

Other than the all other skin treatments and spas, 'bath' is the first thing that refreshes us in the morning. A good bathing soap or body wash is necessary to provide our skin that cleanliness, softness and hydration. So why do we always prefer chemical filled soaps? Let us go for something natural and luxurious. Today, we are going to check a review about a moisturising bathing bar with wild rose and basil from Aloe Veda. Okay let us move on to the review now.

Aloe Veda Wild Rose with Basil Moisturising Bathing Bar

Aloe Veda Wild Rose with Basil Moisturising Bathing Bar

Aloe Veda Wild Rose with Basil Moisturising Bathing Bar


Product Description:

Purify your senses with the delicate fragrance of wild rose and holy Basil combined with Aloe Vera & natural Glycerine. Indulge in a personal aromatherapy experience that is calming and purifying. Feel touched by natures own spa while you meditate.

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 65 for 100g

Experience with this Product:

This bathing bar is baby pink in colour and packed in a thin transparent plastic sheet. As you see, this bar looks semi transplant due to the glycerin content. The fragrance can be said as floral, sweet and mesmerizing with a hint of fresh crushed rose flowers. A pleasing fragrance of rose water can also felt during application. To say about the lathering part, it lathers rich, creamy and smooth. You wouldn't need that much water to wash it off too. A few seconds sho
wer will wash off the soap without any residues leaving the skin squeaky skin and soft. The squeaky clean effect doesn't 'dry' out the skin at all, but makes it soft to touch. For a nice home spa bath experience, this bathing bar is highly recommended for everyone. Whatever skin type may be, whether oily, dry or sensitive, you will fall in love with this bathing bar's lathering effect and pleasing rose flower. It also has the basil content that keeps infections at bay. It can be used by children, elders, guys, girls, and everyone in your family. Overall, this is a great buy for this affordable cost. A single bar will last for 20 days.


  • Smooth gliding texture and easy application
  • Lathers rich and creamy; still washes out easily with single splash of water
  • Leaves skin squeaky clean without drying it
  • Softens skin and makes it smooth
  • No side effects,safe on even sensitive skin types
  • Pleasing and refreshing rose flower fragrance
  • Basil content cools down skin and prevents infection
  • Cleanses out dirt, oiliness and other impurities well
  • Pocket friendly price
  • Gives a nice home spa experience
  • Suitable for everyone in your family


  • Absolutely nothing! It is a mild refreshing bathing bar for everyone


We highly recommend this! This product should be tried once to know its benefits. You and your family will definitely stick to this glycerin bar

Would we repurchase?: 

Of course every time! There are many more flavours to try from this glycerin bathing bar range of Aloe Veda.

Hope you enjoyed this bathing bar review. Do let your comments and feedback!