Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boots 17 Nail Paints and Glitter Top Coat Review

Hi Girls! Good Morning. Hope you're enjoying your happy Sunday and here's a super duper detailed nail paints review by Nids. This is her first giveaway entry post on MABH for our current running special celebration giveaway. Read it and share your feedback below in the comment section. Take part in these giveaways, get extra entries by submitting posts/reviews for us and win exiting prizes!! Enjoy!!

Shade: Risky Red

Product Description: Treat your nails and upgrade your style with a glossy dip of colour from the new 17 Supreme Shine Nail Colour Collection. An assortment of 15 intense, high performance shades that will deliver maximum pigment and shine.

Price: 3.99$ for 8ml

Shade: Night Sky

Product Description: 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish gives one coat colour in 60 seconds for girls on the go.

Price: 2.99$

Shade: Colorless Xtras Glitter Top Coat

Product Description: 17 Nail Xtras Glitter Top Coat can be used over a colour or on its own for a fabulous glitter effect.

Price: 3.99$

There is usually an offer of 3 on 2 on Boots 17 which means that one can get one free on purchase of 2 products.

My views on the 17 Nail Paints:

Frankly speaking, these are the best nail paints I have used so far. I have not seen a more pigmented, glossier, fast drying and long lasting nail paints till date.

These came as a free gift to me as I purchased few products from 17 brand during Christmas sale. The shades are not anything that I chose but all the 3 nail paints are quite precious to me at present. All these 3 belong to few of the range of nice nail paints that Boots 17 offers.

The Risky Red is a glossy matte blood red color that belongs to 17 High Shine range and is very opaque and finishes with a brilliant shine on the nails. 

Night Sky is a glossy matte black shade that falls in the 17 Fast Finish range and it dries quicker than the rest, really within a minute of applying. It is a little watery s compared to the Risky Red but 2 coats give a completely opaque shade.

The last Xtras Glitter Top Coat is a colorless glitter top coat that easily goes on top with any color. It has multi colored glitters that applies smoothly and evenly on the nails and even comes off with your normal nail paint removers without leaving any chunky glitters behind. It actually makes your ordinary nail paint shades to stand out and increases the staying power too.

The long staying power is synonymous with all the 3 nail paint shades. Apply them and forget about them for a week easily. Both the red and black nail paints start fading just from the tips after 5 days, keeping the point in mind that I keep my hands a lot in water.

The Top coat too stays on and starts fading evenly after a week or so. They make the other nail paints last longer.

The applicators/brushes are thick and of medium length that picks up enough color and spreads them evenly on the nails without any streaks.

Rest I think the pictures attached speak for themselves. These are a real steal at the price and ongoing offers on Boots 17. I am surely going to hoard few more of these as soon as I can. I already have a big stock of nail paints to finish before plunging into more.  :P 

Ratings: 4.5/5 (-0.5 just because they are not available in India)

Recommendation: Yes, Very much. Get them and enjoy some brilliant super shiny, long lasting and quick drying nail paints.

This snap is taken after 7 days of applying the Night sky nail paint topped with the Glitter top coat. You can judge the staying power with this snap easily.

Editors note: Thanks you Nids for your wonderful post with many clear explaining pictures. It is really a detailed review and we hope that it would be useful for many divas out there. All the best for the giveaway! 

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