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Hair Loss After Pregnancy - How to Cure? [Reader Query]

Paromita asks..

Once I used to have extremely shining & voluminous hair, after my marriage & post-pregnancy my hair loss happened in extreme level, no beauty is there in my hair, specially hair ends got very thin & gives a bad shape. Greying has also happened in multiples, which is quite viewable. I hardly gets time to care for my hair, every 15days i do henna & I use every alternate day VLCC Shampoo, but it doesn't affect a lot, my hair got thin & now I am planning to have my hair cut first & then to take care of my hair, so that I can get my healthy hair just like before, pls let me know what can I use & how to use.  Kindly help me.

MABH Answers..

Hi Parmita. Post pregnancy hair falls happen due to harmone imbalance. First of all, you need to talk to your doctor. Taking B complex, Biotin, Zinc, C & E Vitamin supplements help a lot in controlling hair fall and maintaining good hair health. Consult your physician before deciding to take these supplements. Hot Oil treatments help a lot when it comes to thinning of hair because it improves the blood circular in scalp and promotes hair growth. Mix equal parts coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil. For 100 ml of this oil mixture, poke 4-5 Vitamin E Capsules (Evion is a good brand of Vitamin E and it is widely available) to extract the oil. Pour this vitamin E oil to the already prepared oil mixture and store it in an old hair oil container. Heat this oil and massage your scalp with this once to twice a week for faster results. Adding dried curry leaf powder and tulsi powder to this oil doubles the benefits. Soaking dried Amla fruits in your regular hair oil and using it regularly helps control gray hair. Adding curry leaves in your daily diet also helps in darkening of gray hairs. If you have more split ends and thin hair, you can trim them for an inch and continue your hair care regime, so that it would help in maintaining good hair but don't trim more, simple is enough.

Secret tip from my mom:
Eat 5-10 dates and curry leaves gravy everyday!! This was my mom's secret tip to maintain long, healthy hair. Read more tips of her for hair care here

Use a mild herbals shampoo to cleanse your hair once in 3-4 days and never ever wash hair frequently as it would cause moisture loss. Add egg whites, spinach, curry leaves and carrots in your daily diet to achieve healthy hair. Last but not the least, leave stress and have a nice Good "Night" sleep. Remember sleeping in night is more important to maintain good health and beauty. All the best for your beautiful hair. Hope you will write back to us about the improvement in coming months. Take care Parmoita :)

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