Thursday, July 26, 2012

Essential oils - beauty and health of women

Lovely woman, this topic is for you. We want to always be beautiful and healthy, certainly in terms of health, rather than the volume! We are constantly worried. What to wear and how to dress. How to use makeup to work, how to relax. What kind of perfume to choose the mood of the morning, what a day for a business meeting, which for an evening communion. How to give your image more mysterious and sexy.
Of great importance in this are our hair, their color, shape styling. Important is the condition of the skin, its tenderness, inner glow. But all this makes sense for the beauty of our body, perfect shape. And aggravate our moods and reduce the beauty of our body is capable of cellulite. The deposition of fat in the most popular areas of our body. How nice to look our hips, buttocks and tummy, if not for this cellulite!

And now we are ready to do anything to lose weight, so clearly reminiscent of the excess, in our opinion, the weight. This is a grueling workout at the gym at home and in fitness clubs. This is different (and not always safe) pills for weight loss. Endless and varied diet, which reduces the body to obtain the necessary materials for its normal functioning. And very often, and so that the body lacked something very important for yourself, we signal.

 And we are following the successful passage of a regular diet, perky pounced on the same piece of chocolate, which tried to deny myself. And get even more calories, which are then laid on our sides, and the pope. Lose weight easily, pleasantly and profitably. This will help the essential oils of tropical plants. It is no accident, they were used long ago in the East. Where to devote so much time for pleasure and enjoyment.
 Essential oils for oral use - weight loss, metabolism, health and beauty. Thus, the essential oils. There are so many and they have a broad spectrum of action on the body. Some of them help to cope with stress, calming the nervous system. Indeed, one reason for eating, if your body is not hungry, have the ability to "stick" in trouble. Other oils work on the excretion of excess fluid in the body, which is also a cause of excess weight.
 Still others - improve intestinal function, normalize metabolism and rapid elimination of all unnecessary substances from the body. All these functions are performed by essential oils.
Rosemary oil, a long-shrub plant has tonic properties, normalizes the body's metabolism, while also stimulating the work of the brain, improving memory. Tea with rosemary and thyme mountain. To cook it you need to mix 1 teaspoon of rosemary and thyme, pour boiling water and stand 15 minutes on low heat. Broth to infuse, strain and cool. Take 1/3 cup a day before meals. Rosemary works well on skin. As part of the lotions, prevents it from fading and smoothing, the formation of wrinkles. It tones the face and head.

 Oil of fennel, fennel, anise-flavored, delicately and gently purifies the body, improves digestion. Reduces appetite and hunger, if you just chew on his seed. A fat and sugar sends to the side of proper assimilation, thus correcting the shape and weight.

Fennel tea. 1 teaspoon fennel seeds combine with 2 teaspoons of nettles, pour 3 cups boiling water. Simmer for 15 minutes under the lid closed. Strain, cool, take 1/3 cup 3 times a day. The essential oil of ginger improves circulation, speeds up the metabolism and metabolic processes. At the same time also helps the skin stay longer young and beautiful. Teas from him and with him have exquisite taste and a warming effect. Tea from ginger. Cut strips of ginger, add honey and lemon juice, cover with water. Bring to a boil, boil for 15 minutes, cool, strain and drink from a cup to 2 liters a day. If here we add mint leaves and lemon balm, get tea for weight loss on Hollywood beauties.

 Cardamom, another wonderful tool that from the time of the Roman emperors used from obesity and excessive gluttony. Now, we know that the essential oil of cardamom has beneficial effects on the body and helps to lose weight. Since normalizes metabolism and excretion of toxic wastes and excess fluid from the body. A bath for the body and the skin will make an unusually beautiful and help get rid of skin stretch marks. 8 drops of essential oil of cardamom should be diluted in milk or yogurt, pour in the water for bathing. The water should not exceed 38 degrees C. Take a bath, and you will feel an extraordinary burst of energy.

 An excellent tool for weight loss is black pepper. Its outer layer contributes to the destruction of fat cells, thus helping to burn fat, lowering the rate of insulin in the body. For example, chili pepper contains a substance which is capable of destroying those extra pounds for 20 minutes after eating. Eating foods seasoned with hot peppers we grow thin. And the tasty and healthy.

 Will help you lose weight and grapefruit. Once in the body, it lowers insulin levels, thereby reducing appetite. Eat half of grapefruit or drink 150 ml of juice with each meal and at 2 weeks will decrease your weight by 2 kilograms. If you taste it for you bitter, its juice can be diluted with lemon juice or orange.
These two citrus products are also excellent for weight loss. Since oil and lemon enhances the gastrointestinal tract, utilizing fats and naturally displaying the body of toxins.

 Rosemary, black pepper, fennel, ginger, cardamom, lemon and grapefruit not only help you lose weight. Eat them as food for your health and beauty. Some - as spices, other - make juices. So you will improve the state of the body, strengthen the immune system and feel much more cheerful. A drop of essential oil of the rest put in place a pulse behind the ear, it will help you seduce anyone!