Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Care. About shampoos. Wash the head. Shine and strength of healthy hair.

 Hair should be washed to the extent of contamination. Before washing the head, comb your hair is desirable.Wash your hair - always boiled or filtered water, ie soft. Water softener in the home it can boil and allow to stand for 5-6 hours, or just defend. Can a 2 liter of water add 1 teaspoon of baking soda or a few drops of ammonia.

 Pick a shampoo for hair type, and preferably soft. To find suitable shampoo or not, do this test: Mix in a glass of water with the shampoo and allow the mixture to settle. If you see a curdy precipitate - to use this shampoo is not necessary. This is difficult to wash the shampoo from the hair and can be a problem: seborrhea, dandruff, itching.

 Change is often the shampoo is not necessarily important to choose the right depending on the needs of hair and scalp.For long hair shampoo is better to have two: one for oily hair, which wash the scalp and hair at the base, and the other for dry - wash the entire length of the hair. You also need to use two balms conditioner. Now there is a shampoo for the mixed structure of hair, which is used for skin and hair. It should not be a long time to wash my hair from the hair of the degreased and lose its luster.
 Rinse your hair it is necessary. You can use special balms, conditioners. And you can acidified water with vinegar, preferably apple or grape. The acidified water is used to neutralize the residual alkali on the hair. If the water is hard, then rinse hair with vinegar is absolutely necessary: ​​a tablespoon of 6% vinegar in a bucket of water.

 Dark hair shine from acetic rinse.   Do not believe the inscriptions on shampoos such as "suitable for everyday use." Wash your hair should be two to three times a week. Not more. Otherwise you can damage the hair.   The frequency of shampooing has no effect on hair loss, of course, if properly selected shampoo and you do not comb wet hair. Man loses a day from 50 to 100 hairs regardless of whether or not they are washed.   It is useful to 1-2 times a month instead of shampoo to use sour milk.

 They generously greased hair and rubbed into the skin, and an hour later wash thoroughly with warm water. With frequent shampooing shampoo is applied only once. Hold for thirty seconds and then shampoo wash hair. Well-washed hair "squeak." Do not wash your hair with too hot water. The water temperature should not exceed 50 ° C. Follow the exact dose and expose the air conditioner on your hair the specified time, if you want to get the desired effect. Rinse your hair as long as possible, shampoo, rinse under hot running water for about a minute, and spend as much time on the flushing of the air conditioner.
 Each time, use only a clean towel. Wipe washed hair preferably a hot towel. Dry at room temperature - not the sun, not over the fire, and preferably without a hair dryer. During the drying of the hair do not rub strongly towel wrap your head in a turban and soft movements promakivayuschimi dry hair and then remove the towel. It is advisable to dry the hair naturally in the air - no hair dryer.
 Do the shampoos "brilliance and strength of healthy hair"?Many shampoos promise us "brilliance and strength of healthy hair." The action of the majority of shampoos based on the fact that they form on the surface of the hair thin film. As a result, the hair at the time become thicker, softer and beautifully shiny.But the health ... By advertising of expensive imported shampoos and other "miracle" of hair care products should be treated with caution. For example, one popular American hormonal agent for women at first sight really slows down hair loss, but at the same time only enhances hormonal imbalance. It turns out that it does not cure, and "encourages" the disease, temporarily masking it.
As for shampoos with provitamins, the experts point out that for one type of hair they are useful, but for another - are dangerous. So before you apply, you should consult with your doctor. Dandruff shampoos can help with menthol? Thought so for a long time, but in 1990 the Agency for Food and Drug Administration issued a U.S. document that listed the 223 useless components that are widely used in medicines and cosmetics. Among the substances effective against dandruff, and was menthol. In addition to menthol, the "black list" were boric acid, allantoin, evkalip-thick, juniper and pine resin, methyl salicylate, phenol, povidone-iodine, sodium salicylate, thymol, and many other lesser-known components of the shampoo.
 But do not think that these substances are very very useless. The same menthol is used widely today, being a part of medicine, candy, cosmetics. Justified and its application in a number of shampoos, where he was assigned the role of money is not anti-dandruff and refreshing the component. But the main enemy of anti-dandruff shampoos in the current zinc pyrithione is.