Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Change a Dress into an Ethnic Wear?

Guest Post by Vandana Choudhary
Sounds interesting isn't it???
Friends.. I am sure at some point of life you have also faced the type of confusion I faced two days ago. Two days ago I got a call from my aunt that she is organizing a puja in her home on Thursday and the dress code is anything in pink color. I was happy for get-together but to follow the dress code was quite difficult on such a short notice :D But I managed. I had a pink dress which I converted into  an ethnic wear with my creative skills. So today  I am going to tell you how you can easily make your one-piece dress into a nice pair of Kurtis-churidar.
Follow these Simple Steps and Get Ready for any Family Function

Take out dress from cupboard which you want to change into a kurti.

Go to market and buy a small cloth of the same color as your dress or of white color.

Now if you have purchased the same color cloth then its well and good but because of any reason you are unable to get that particular color,and you have bought white color then you can get that cloth dyed of the same color of your dress,(for eg: I asked the person to dye it with pink color).

After getting the dye work done,go to any boutique or tailor you know. Ask him/her to cut sleeves from that cloth and attach those sleeves to your dress.

Now your dress ohhh... sorry your kurti is ready  and you can wear it whenever you have to attend any puja or any family occasion where you have to wear only traditional clothes. To complete the look you can select any color of leggings available in your wardrobe (for e.g.,with this pink kurti I did choose black legging,navy blue will also make a nice combination). I really loved experimenting with my dress. I hope you will also like to try this type of dress designing and use your creativity.  

                                                                            Thank you lovely friends for reading it.
                                                    Please do leave your comments on whether you liked my idea or not?

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