Tuesday, July 17, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Sweet Lemon

Oh yeah baby... I hauled at TBS :) I said ba*ls to my makeup shopping ban and went all out and shopped at TBS... La la la... It makes me feel so good ;) LOL... I entered the TBS store at Phoenix Market City with my mind already made up as to what all I wanted to purchase and well I bought these :)

A few days ago while I was researching for TBS products I realised there wasn't many reviews on Indian blogs about these beautifying oils that TBS had come out with... I knew in an instant I had to try out these oils and review them for you guys here ;) *yeah yeah I am so considerate :P* But honestly? You really cannot keep a dry-skinned, oil-junkie away from a beautifying oil now can you? ;)

I picked up Sweet Lemon cause I wanted something citrus and I was sooooo over choco and cocoa fragrances! Fragrance-wise I do not regret cause it really smells fresh though to some it may smell a tad bit like "Lizol-Lemon" :P Am just saying, smell all the oils and then buy the fragrance you like the most ;) Yup all the oils are for all skin types so opting for one of these is really a no-brainer :P

They Say...
The TBS Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil is essentially a dry oil for body, face and hair that moisturises, smoothes and illuminates. It is made with cold-pressed lemon seed oil from Italy and 3 precious nut oils: kukui, sweet almond and community fair trade marula oil.
It is to be applied to damp or dry skin and dry hair.

Now the fact that it can applied to the body, the face and your hair is basically a boo-boo to people who claim that products that are good for your body are too harsh for your face :P Oh yeah people do say that to me often ;) But honestly? This is an average product...  It does do what it claims but then even Johnson's Baby Oil does the same for me!

The oil is moisturising no doubt and you do need a very less amount of it really, but it makes my hair oily and it doesn't really get absorbed totally... I love that but am sure a lot of you wont :P

Image of the Product

Oooohhss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. It has some really good fragrances in this range.
2. Its great as a massage oil.
3. I like the pretty bottle with the golden coloured oil in it :)
4. You need very little of the product and hence it goes on for like ever!

1. It's too freaking expensive!
2. It's not really an earth-shattering product.
3. They could have made a pump-dispenser kind of a bottle for it.

It costs a whopping INR895/- for 100ml.

Nope! Its too expensive for an oil that does exactly what Johnson's baby oil does for me!

Would I Recommend?
If you have a lot of money to spare or if someone has dared you to buy it, only then go for it. Any other way you are better off without it! No! It's not a bad product! It's pretty good! But it's too expensive for an oil that does nothing more that other oils that are available in the market.

Overall Rating: