Wednesday, July 4, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner in Shade ET01

I generally "hoard" a lot of cosmetics (yes you all know that) and though I like to call it "collecting" but then the truth is that they do qualify for hoarding :P In one of those hoarding inspired hauls I had gotten myself Chambor's Eye Tattoo Liner in ET01 i.e. Black... I never got around using it though as I was super content with my Maybelline Gel Liner... But this time when I went to Hyderabad, my sister asked me for my Maybelline Gel liner brush and well I was left with no choice but to turn to pencil liners... Thus I started using this Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner and well I am very impressed I must say.

What I really liked about this Chambor pencil is that it is waterline safe and smudge-proof :) Thus you have one product that takes care of your kajal as well as liner requirements :D Yayee.... The fact that the pencil looks all elegant with silver lettering on a black matte base and has a matte silver cap makes it all the more endearing... Yup I am a s*cker for pretty packaging! :D It has some great pigmentation and is soft and hence it glides easily and does not tug the eyelids. One point where Chambor trumps Faces Long Wear Pencils and COlorbar I-Glide pencils is in the fact that the former isn't as soft and "melt-y" as the latter two and hence when applied on the waterline, it doesn't smudge or disappear! :D

It is waterproof but when rubbed under water instead of flaking off cleanly, it smudges all over the place and creates a mess.. This is one disadvantage that I find with this pencil.

Image of the Product:


Applied on the Upper Lashline as well as on the Lower Waterline

 Oooohhhss And Aaahhhss!!!
1. Superb pigmentation
2. Smudge and transfer proof
3. Waterline safe.
4. Non-comedogenic
5.  Not very expensive
6. Is soft enough to glide easily but not as much such that it would melt away and hence it does not finish off fast.
7. Chambor outlets are easily available.
8. Does not cause any reactions.
9. Fragrance free.
10. Available in a number of shades.
11. Waterproof

1. Though it is waterproof, if rubbed with water it does not flake-off cleanly. Rather it leaves a messy black residue behind :(

It costs INR 325/-

Would I Recommend?
I would! I prefer Chambor pencils for the waterline while I prefer the Faces Long Wear pencils for the upper lashline.

Overall Rating: