Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple & Elegant Dotted Nail Art: Photo Tutorial

Hi…. all ladies…..!!!!!!

I should greet all nail art lovers today. This is a very simple nail art. I have very short nail base. I have always envied ladies with long nails. It is a boon which I always wish to demand. Yet, I have somehow managed with my short stout nails for so many years. There is no much scope for lot of designs on short nails. Out of so many years of experience with short nails, I have found that short nails are comfortable with dotted designs. So, today's nail design will comprise of several colorful dots.

Let the pictures do the maximum explanation of this simple and elegant dotted nail design.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

After preparing the nails for the painting, I applied base color on the nails. This is my all time favorite color.

Step 2:

Next, place two dark brown dots on the base color, first near the tip of the nail and second right below the first dot. Make sure the base is completely dry. The brown dots can be done with the brush that comes along with the nail enamel bottle.

Step 3:

Now, a very light shaded pink dots on the brown dots. The pink dots are to be smaller than the brown dots. So, I used a tooth pick to draw the tiny pink dots.

Step 4:

After the dots are dry, take a reddish brown nail color, again on the tooth prick tip. Draw 2 dots, one in between the dark brown dots, another after the second brown dots. (Hope, I am sounding fine. Well, the next pic should explain my words!!). After the whole dotted structure has dried perfectly, surround the entire structure with another most light colored skin color.

There goes the final structure of dots. Done. Optionally, you could top it with a coat of clear color.

Products used:

Editors Note: Hope you liked Chand's Simple & Elegant Quick Nail Art. Thank you Chand for this wonderful Nail Art post. I am loving and trying this soon. Readers, please share your comments & feedback below, so that it would encourage our guest writers.

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