Monday, July 9, 2012

Which ring in fashion?

All have probably noticed yourself, and that the summer 2012 - a very, very bright. Colorful maxi-dresses, skirts with floral prints, bags of all colors ...  And how things are with the decorations?  Of course, with gold and diamonds, which are always in fashion, everything is clear, and that new-fangled trends?

  Let's see, for example, the latest collection of rings, beautiful brand Yves Saint Laurent (I dare say you did not know that it produces jewelry?).  And we kill two birds with one stone: touch the world of high fashion and find out what's important to wear on their fingers this season. So, open your mind to a fantastic world where the reign jewelry, whimsical princess worthy. Rings YSL Summer 2012 - a massive bright stones, enclosed in a fancy frame. Some of the "sculptures" created on the principle of contrast, others - on the contrary complement each other. Green, cobalt blue, turquoise and purple - are just some of the fashionable shades to choose from. Impressive?