Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adira Period Panty Review

Guest Post by Yendrilla

Adira Woman Period Panty

Hi all! Today’s review is different from the rest. Few days back I came across a new product and it is called the Adira Period Panty from
   I was literally surprised to see this kind of product! And I am really thankful to Adira woman that they have created such an amazing job..

About Adira
“ Adira is a Yashram Lifestyle ( brand. Yashram Lifestyle is focused on creating unique products and solutions for comfortable and quality lifestyle. “
““ADIRA in Hebrew means a WOMAN who is STRONG, NOBLE and POWERFUL”
And every woman is ADIRA.  And ADIRA is a brand that represents every woman.
Adira is a bunch of Unique Products that come together to provide an innerwear wardrobe for a woman that is PRACTICAL, FUN, FUNCTIONAL, EMPOWERING, LIBERTING and even ROMANTIC.
Most of Adira Products are made with 100% Cotton as they are best suited for the skin.
Some of the products are made with a mix of Cotton and Spandex.
You can check out their website here

Some of their Products

Period panty, Perfumed Lingerie, Hygiene Panty, Slimming Shape wear.

About the Period Panty

What is a Period Panty ?

Adira period Panty a solution for girls and woman who face the fear of staining during their periods. And as you know its normal but also a very sensitive topic. The fact is that every one face this fear but no one want to discuss this. we come up with a very innovative solution@, and need your support to create awareness about it. Adira Period Panty addresses this very problem and ensures that a woman has a clean and stress-free period.

Here are links to demonstrate how it works:

Leak-Proof Test:
Breathability Test :

Well, they are just like regular panties; except they are leak-proof. With Adira PeriodPanties, you don’t have to worry about staining sheets, clothes or furniture. And there isno need to fret, they are made of 100% Cotton and are SUPER COMFY and are100% Safe to Use

Why should I use it ?
No one likes to leave a stain behind or have a stained behind. And what’s more, stains area breeding ground for bacteria.So Adira Period Panties keeps you clean and stress-free.

How does it work ?
Fabric - ImageThe special fabric is made of 3 layers. The first absorbent layer, the second layer is theleak-proof layer and the third cotton layer. All the layers breathe to keep you cool and comfy

There are two types of period panty available at Adira.
  •     Boxer
  •     Hipster

Today I will be reviewing Boxer Period Panty
What does the Product Claim?
  • The Boxer protects all the areas of staining,which are Front, Back and Inner Thigh Regions
  • The Boxer has a special inner layer that keeps the Sanitary Pad from shifting and crumpling
  • This special layer works great with Pads with wings, Pads without wings and Tampons
  • Best for High Flow Days
  • Has to be used with Sanitary Napkins / Tampons
  • First of its kind in the world

    Material: 100% Cotton With Inner Breathable Leak Prook Layer.Certified as Skin Friendly.

    Wash Care:
    • Hand Wash / Machine Wash in Normal Cycle
    • Do Not Wring
    • Dry Flat
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Do Not Iron
    • Lasts over 60 washes

    Price: Rs.250

    For size chart, colours and other details check out the product page here.

    Which one should I choose?
    • We recommend the Boxers for high flow days, for women who are physically active and for school going girls
    • We recommend the Hipsters for low flow days and for everyday protection.

    How do I care for them?
    Adira Period Panties are machine washable.

    How many should I buy?
    We recommend you have a period wardrobe of at least 2 boxer and 2 hipster fit Adira Period Panties.

    My Experience with this Product:
    These are extremely soft and comfortable. You won’t have rashes even after regular use. It is stain free and you won’t have the tension of staining. It keeps you clean and stress free and overall I am really happy as well as surprised to see a product like this.

    My Recommendation: I would surely recommend you to give it a try. I can bet you won’t regret..

    Have you tried Adira Period Panties? Do share your comments and feedback below!