Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cancer Didn't Stop Talia Castellano to be Creative

Talia Castellano, a girl who was 12 years old at the Youtube site famous for his enthusiasm and cheerfulness.
Unlike the girl his age, Talia could not do all their activities freely. She had to pass through various series of treatments in the hospital, the article of the girl suffering from cancer since the age of 7 years. inspiring stories: cancer didn't stop Talia Castellano to be creative.

Talia Castellano start uploading makeup tutorial video on Youtube about a year ago. In the video he says "Makeup is my wig '. Although the hair on his head is bald, he is not discouraged and take advantage of makeup to cover up this deficiency.

Initially, the girl from Orlando was just fun to see a video tutorial on Youtube. She then thought that it looked fun activity, making it more beautiful, and keep busy in a positive sense. Shee is keeping children in school and other activities such as dance and art.

"I think it's cool. Someone who is battling cancer and can still enjoy life., And I found it through the makeup,"

Until this year, Talia has posted some 150 videos her makeup tutorials. She wants to inspire all those around her, and around the world. Activities and spirit has won her awards for children with cancer who excel and listed his name on the CureSearch Walk.

It's like not to be believed, the girl that age are already proficient and capable professional makeup. Look at how to combine colors daub of makeup and this and that. She even knew exactly where the brush should be used to produce a makeup look different on each side of her face. Something that seemed trivial, but people like us also do not always know and can do.

The doctor herself has warned parents Talia that she maintain his physical condition. Parents banned Talia Talia never go through the whole activity. His own mother believed that the spirit of Talia far greater than the disease. And he also gives full confidence in her to keep up and feel if his body was exhausted and needed a break. "No, I was never banned. Because I always support her if he said he was okay, then he'll be fine," he said as quoted from