Saturday, October 13, 2012

Intrauterine universities

Education now in vogue even in the embryo: as you have untrained born child?
You do not engage with him for nine months? Oh my God, Mom, but you decently behind, your peers have so far gone! But seriously - the baby in the womb is very much feels, hears and understands why his training is not over in any of the days of your happy pregnancy.

Let's take a look at the curriculum of fetal universities: it is simple to perform and is available to any mother.
The subject of the first. Contemplation.Education contemplation and case studies contributes to the development of positive emotions, which are passed from mother to unborn child, it is a positive impact on the formation of a child's brain and strengthen the emotional bond between mother and baby.
Suitable for contemplation: the paintings, especially depicting mothers with babies, marinistskaya painting, still life with fruit and flowers, museum exhibitions of decorative and applied art, fashion shows pictures of wildlife and the sea.

Behold his pleasure: calm hormones that process as well as possible impact on the mental and physical development of the child.
The subject of the second. Drawing.Picture - this is very serious. All psychologists world long used art therapy to correct a variety of mental states and create a positive outlook on life.

You and your child is imperative to harmonize the inner world: so sit down and draw what your heart desires, let these be even just the color bars.
Redraw figure as long as there will not disappear dark colors and sharp corners.
The subject of the third: music.Laying the musical preferences and future immunity, for it is well-chosen music helps cultivate a sensitive and a little coughing child.

To practice approach: from the classics - Mozart (scientific recognized leader in the field of impact on growth, development and even lactation), Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Schubert, Vivaldi, from relatively modern trends - the classic rock 'n' roll, good jazz and pop music mid 60s .
The subject of the fourth: the art of oratory.
And lots of talk with the baby - he hears and understands.

Tell him about yourself, dad, brothers and sisters, home, nature - about everything that you see fit, and most importantly - about how you love him and wait.
And finally - a wish: Break a pen you in the final examination!