Saturday, October 13, 2012

Perfume for blood group

Are you ready for transfusion?
But the Italians Antonio and Giovanni Castelli Zuddas well prepared to help those in need.
The duo calculated formula that each blood group considers his perfume.
Line wonderful world some water first appeared on the Milan exhibition Esxence, where creators reveal all the secrets of the new perfume, candidly answered all questions from the press.
The new series of perfume for Zuddasa and Castelli - is not just flavors that have been formed by a group of blood tests that reflect the preferences of their owners, but the "water", which reflects the spirit of the time.

About perfume was created for people with first blood. This fragrance reflects the spirit of the primitive time. In it you can hear the notes of rose, raspberry, thyme, cedar, leather, birch, metal and chypre little shade.
A fragrance designed for those who belong to the owners of the second group of blood. This fragrance has no restrictions, can be used by both men and women.
In the perfume metal collected notes, anise, tomato leaves, basil and green garden scents. This fragrant bouquet will take you to a time when humanity is engaged only in agriculture, but their taste preferences were fairly simple.
In the perfume created for the owners of the third group of blood. There are audible notes of pepper, black cherry, metal, red apple, wormwood, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli.
This odor is associated with the development of the creators of the world, traveling. Unobtrusive flavor, no division into "male" or "female."
Perfume AB - the living embodiment of modernity and cosmopolitanism of the human, a fragrance that blurs the boundaries. Inhaling it, hear the music of aluminum, cedar, slate, pebble and odor.

The creators have hinted to the fact that all the perfumes "smack of" blood, which is why bottles created as droppers.
It is interesting that mean?
Has the "Perfume" is back!