Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LOTD, Outfit and my New Hobby...

Good Evening everyone... I am Suma Samyukta Sharma and I am a TBS addict. Yes ladies and gentlemen I have a new hobby and this time its got nothing to do with art or culture or tradition and stuff... Some might like to call me a hoarder but I prefer the term "collector" and yes I am today proudly declaring myself to be a TBS Collector! I know at least half of you reading my blog are secret TBS collectors too... So let us all join hands for this noble hobby of ours and be united in our mutual love and admiration for the awesome products that TBS keeps belting out :)

Ha ha drama queen that I am, I cannot help but be over enthused about my recent (mini) TBS haul... Here's a peek of the stuff that I got! :)

Yes yes yes, I got the new BB cream too :))

Pati has been working very hard lately and so we decided to go for a cup of midnight coffee last night to CCD (the only one that's open all night in Pune, if you are a pune-ite then you know what I am talking about) and this is what I wore and did makeup-wise :)

I know I know the pics are super crappy but hey Pati wasn't really relenting to clicking pics at midnight so I had to make do with these :P