Friday, October 19, 2012

Where in the world is joe?

Well he is in Lake Bluff, Illinois. After a much heroing journey through California to the Nevada border and the City of Sin, Las Vegas (actually loss wages), my daughter subjected me to the towering hieghts of Colorado, not only did she try to dump me off the mountains, she had the nerve to even drive through tunnels in them. She tried to get rid of me at 10,361 feet, buy i am a tuff bugger. I hang on for dear life, terrified of hieghts. We visited a wildlife refuge in Ritchfield, Co. Had to rid my sscooter on a 35 ft high ramp to view the animals. What a neat experience that was. Only bad part it was cold and windy as all get out.
We left Colorado and went on into Utah, what a beautiful State and the color of the mountains is just outstanding. from there we went onto Nebraska, got off the freeway to find the zoo we were goinhg to see in the morning, but aliens had removed it from existence, so onto Omaha to spend the night and see the Omaha zoo.
well i will leave it there for now. I and my daughter are both extremely wornen out, but we will survive. I know i left out alot of things but the brain does not want to give them to me to write. Really gets me upset and I miss my home and wife and feel very uncomfortable at this point.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!