Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to get a shot yourself?

How to get a shot yourself?I remember.
You take the gun, trying to hold it like a cigarette, you come to the foam rubber dummy, mentally delish this gray, sad, Punctured incompetent ass students into four parts - and how to pierce the silver needle in the upper right quarter!
Hands shaking, drug flows through the cells, the patient is more dead than alive, the teacher grabs his head and draws a fat deuce in the journal ...
I really do not know why it was difficult to learn how to make a shot. Maybe the excessive humanity, and perhaps a lack of diligence.

But there are situations when it is not up to whims. If not you - who? Or in the hospital, or the number itself. And then we need to act quickly and accurately, according to instructions.
Instructions for intramuscular injections carried out in the home:
The best place for intramuscular injection (simply speaking - shot) - the upper outer part of the buttocks: here is small probability that a needle into a blood vessel, nerve or bone.
Intramuscular injections of the drug substance is absorbed more quickly, because of the large vessels in the muscles than in the subcutaneous tissue.
Contribute to more rapid absorption and muscle contractions. In addition, can be administered intramuscularly those drugs which, when injected subcutaneously cause severe pain or severe irritation.
Carefully inspect the vial, check the name of the medication, the amount and expiration date.
Shake the vial, the medication has fallen down, and nadpilite special nail file at the transition from the narrow to the wide side (nail file is in the box with the medicine).
Lower the needle from the syringe into the vial, pull the plunger over and enter medicine. If you have a bottle of dry powder, you will need a solvent (which one - will be specified in the instructions to the drug).
Dial the solvent from a vial into the syringe. Open the metal cover bottle, rubbing alcohol rubber cap and pierced it with a needle, type solvent.
Shake the bottle, the powder is completely dissolved, turn it upside down, just as you did with the ampoule, and enter a ready solution in the syringe.

Then change the needle - an injection should not hold the same needle, which you pierce the rubber cover, since, first, violated sterile needles, and, secondly, the blunt needle and the injection is more painful.
Tap your finger on the syringe to make any air bubbles collect at the top of the syringe into one, and slowly pushing the plunger, "push" the air bubble through the needle.
Air bubble in the syringe can lead to serious consequences, so be careful.
Before an injection in the buttocks patient should lie on his stomach or side - your muscles relax.
Take a cotton wool soaked with rubbing alcohol, and wipe the injection site.
Remove the syringe and needle holding it up, gently press the plunger to air out - the needle should drop to make the drug.
(Make sure that the syringe air bubbles!)
Then take the gun in his right hand. If you make a shot adult left hand stretch the skin at the injection site (in children, however, the skin must be taken into the fold).
Take the hand with a syringe and sharply, at a right angle to slide it into the muscle by almost 3/4 needle (not to the end!).
Slowly pressing on the plunger with your right thumb, enter medicine.
Cotton swab dipped in alcohol, press the injection site and abruptly withdraw the needle, and then suffered a muscle massage.
And - let your patient recovers!