Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And how do you cough?

Whatever appeared in our airways - dust, water, food particles or mucus as sputum - a reaction to it will always be a cough.
It signals that the airways are obstructed.
In children, such reactions occur more often with the appearance of inflammation in the bronchi, trachea, and lungs.

But at the wrong treatment of inflammatory processes may be so-called psychogenic cough when in the respiratory all normal, and the cough still remained as the cough reflex was not depressed. Such a psychogenic factor may appear in the treatment of dry cough, causing sleep disturbance, vomiting, pain in the chest.
Therefore, to choose the right treatment, you need to start with a precise diagnosis.
Identify methods for controlling the disease can be just as "sound" cough - it will help to find out where the "based" inflammatory focus.
If the cough is dry, that is, without a discharge of phlegm, sound constantly in the same key - an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract:
• the defeat larynx usually dry, rough and barking, can be accompanied by hoarseness;• inflammation of the trachea cough, rough, hard of hearing, it may be in the early stages of bronchitis;• painful dry cough occurs with inflammation of the pharynx.
If the cough is wet, has an average volume, and is paired with copious sputum, such cough may appear:
• bronchitis;• in the final stages of pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and tracheitis.
In such cases, a more liquid cough up phlegm easily, but thick and sticky requires little effort. After phlegm cough usually stops, and after it starts accumulating again.
Croupy cough or false croup - inflammation of the larynx and pharynx, caused by a cold. False it is called due to the fact that the "true" develops with diphtheria.
In such cases, the cough sounds like a bark, as laryngeal lumen narrowing due to swelling of the mucous membrane below the vocal cords.
Cough appears suddenly and is usually in the evening. With such a coughing child begins to choke. Therefore, when the rump requires immediate medical help!
Cough in the morning can be due to nasal congestion, because mucus from the nose flows into the respiratory tract below it.
In any of these cases need to show the child the doctor as undertreated cough can lead to him adenoids, chronic bronchitis and even pneumonia.
After all, the reason for this phenomenon, such as cough, can not be determined independently. It can be caused by allergies, asthma, whooping cough.
And do not own any medicine.

Expectorants plant are relatively cheap and available, but their effectiveness in the treatment of cough, although the widest practical use, so far has not proven by clinical studies. Vegetable cold preparations should be used with caution, as many of the children they can cause allergies. Synthetic expectorants are much more efficient,than expectorants plant, but their use should be monitored by your doctor.
As you can see, it's not so easy! So check with your doctor, because their own confidence may not always provide a benefit.