Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stretching against stress

Stretching against stressWe all face stress daily ...
All hands at work, illness of a child, the beloved problems that concern us, not less, on top of the cat's stomach upset ...
Sure, you can handle all the problems, heal the child perform a "burning" the work and put the cat on his paws, but that the effects of stress can "canting" and your health.
There will, for example, joint pain, headache, tightness in the muscles.

Every woman fights differently with these symptoms: some prefer to relax at home, someone jogging in the park a few miles or go to the gym ...
I suggest three simple anti-stress exercises that will help you cope with unpleasant results, remove the mental and physical stress, will give you the ease of movement and self-confidence.
Let's start! Pull the thighs and abdomen

Get up against the wall and bend your right leg at the knee, grab your ankle with your right hand and slowly pull the leg up, bending at the same spin.
Make a motion 5 times, and then repeat the same with the left foot.
Pull the chest musclesTake a chair. Stand on my knees in front of him, hands twist of his head, his elbows on his soft part.
Well rotten in this position. Repeat 5 times.
Pull back muscles Sit on the floor vypryamte legs, keeping them together. Grasp the toes and try to stretch as far as possible.
Repeat 5 times, staying in a bent position for a few seconds with each leap.
By doing these exercises, try to feel the muscles stretching they aim only if you get the desired anti-stress effect.