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Best Hair Color Ideas 2013

Best Hair Color Ideas 2013
Changing hair color has  been a fast catching trend among women of all age groups. After all it gives a completely new look to your face and even enhances your personality too. I know most of you reading this article too would be quite tempted to experiment with your hair color. Go ahead, it  works!! With the new year fast approaching, here are some of the tips for choosing the best hair color for 2013.

Why to change your hair color in 2013

Well this might appear strange but many of the women do ponder over this question as why should they change their hair color. The answer though is quite simple: almost everyone wants to try and experiment with his or her looks, so why not you even go for it?

If you want to impress your boyfriend or your hubby by looking simply gorgeous go ahead and change your hair color and we are sure he’ll just love it!

Many times a change of hair color changes your overall personality too, it gives you self confidence, attitude and you look younger too!

How to choose hair color for 2013

There are in fact a host of hair color ideas for 2013 and you just have to anaylse a bit before you settle down with one. You should always go for a hair color which will suit your eyes, face and personality too. The hair color also has to be trendy and in fashion. It matters a lot whether you want to go for semi permanent hair color or permanent hair color because the requirements of both are quite different and both work differently on your hair too.

Best Hair Color Ideas 2013
Best Hair Color Ideas 2013

Highlighting your Hair

If you are highlighting your hair, it will have a pleasant impact on you. Many a times, middle aged woman are also opting for highlighting the hair because they look more young and trendy.

With regard to highlighting, it needs to be told that you can do it with any hair color base. Most of the time it has to match with the color of your hair but if you are ready for something funky then you can surely go for some bold highlighting too.

If  you wish you can even multi tone your whole hair. The good aspect with highlighting is that it is works well with almost all hair types and on all hairstyles.

Best Hair Color Ideas 2013
Choose Hair Color which suits your looks
Hair color ideas for 2013

When deciding about the hair color ideas, you need to know whether you are ready to go for some bold colors or will settle with some normal and mild ones. The bold hair colors looks appealing in winter months. You can however even opt for more popular ones too like copper, bronze which enhances your feminine charms all the more.

The essential aspect with dark hair colors is that they are suitable for all kinds of skin tones. They are not just trendy rather they will give you a younger look too.

For that seductive hair color look in 2013, you should go with black hair color or deep brown hair color and add some shades of red or blue. If you add some red shades along with blue to your black hair color, definitely you’ll look a hot woman with eyes on you and only you.

Glamorous Hair Colors for 2013

If you have finally thought about saying good bye to your montnous plain dull hair style and hair colors, it is time for going for some glossy and glamorous shades of hair colors in 2013. Hue shade is preferred hair color to break away your dull old look and you have to choose a shade which is 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color shade. If you want to add colors to your life, then surely go for pink and purple hair colors in 2013. These are not just stylish but impressive shades too. You can even go with Light Burugundy Red, fired red or chic ginger hair color in 2013.

Best Hair Color Ideas 2013
Popular Hair Colors 2013
Most Popular Hair Color Brands in 2013

The hair colors which are going to remain immensely popular in 2013 are written down here making it easy for you to choose the one which best suits you. Most of the time, it is the brand which matters a lot when you choosing hair color. Loreal, redkin,Aveda are highly popular hair color brands, while you can also choose from Clairol, Wella and Matrix too. So, you can always choose hair color of best quality and kindly don’t opt for low price or low quality hair color because instead of doing any good it will just spoil and damage your hair.

Apart from this, the next essential thing is to decide whether you want to go for natural hair colors or chemical hair colors. Chemical brands are not much appreciated as they may cause damage to the hair and in extreme cases allergies too.

Go for those hair color brands which are offering you natural hair colors along with serving as a good food for your hair. There are many hair brands which nourishes your hair and gives them quality too apart from the color. So, before you buy make sure you have read the instructions given on the label.

Best Hair Color Ideas 2013
Top Trends in Hair Color 2013

Top Trends in Hair Color 2013

Dark Brunettes: Kim Kardashian’s dark shiny hair color is a rage amongst girls today and it will remain so in the times to come too. It serves as a good contrast for some skin complexions and certainly you can experiment with that.

Strawberry Blondes: This is getting popular with the celebrities who use the hair color to highlight the hair strands around their face. It is certainly light hair color and looks good with tanned skin.

Warm Browns: If you have are opting to go with green or blue eye lenses then surely go for this hair color. It highlights your facial features like no color ever does. It is best to wear makeup which certainly stands out with this hair color.

In a nutshell it can be said that though you may opt for any of your favourite hair color in 2013 but make sure that you are consulting a good hair stylist for the same rather than experimenting on your hair at home. Ombre Hair Trends are going to be popular this year, read about it here.

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