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African American Beauty Tips

African American Beauty Tips
African American Beauty Tips
Looking beautiful is a desire of almost every one of us, isn’t? So why not look beautiful and stunning. It is essential that you make your best efforts to get the looks which you desire. Women with dark skin can look beautiful by carrying a bold makeup. They are blessed naturally with bold looks and that goes very well with regard to the beauty regime. A large variety of tips for African American beauty are available. 

Makeup tips for African American
African American women look best in bold makeup. So try something different this time.
On your cheeks go for a light pink or dark pink blush.

With regard to the lips, outline with a lip pencil and fill it with dark wine colour.
  • Red lip gloss will make your lips simply stunning.
  • If you want to make your lips look plump, then just outline your lips with a dark brown lip liner. Blend it with your inner lips with the help of your finger. As the next step, apply a caramel coloured lipstick and fill in your lips. Apply a transparent lip gloss to make them look more vibrant. (Read about Max Factor Lipstick)
  • Your eyes are your highlighting feature. So make sure you work well on your eyes. Just go for caramel coloured over your eye lids. A light colour highlighter looks best on your brow bone.
  • It is always better to make your eye lashes look amazing, so always apply atleast three coats of mascara.If you have sensitive eyes then you may be interested in reading about best mascara for sensitive eyes.

Skin care tips for African American

Toner for African American skin: Toner works well for African American women and you need to use it regularly. It is very effective in closing the pores of the skin and also prevents impurities from getting settled on the skin. If you want to try natural toners go for rose water, honey and lemon which are natural.

Moisturiser for African American skin: Moisturiser is a must for almost all skin types.  Choose your moisturiser which nourishes your skin and gives it a healthy glow depending your skin tone.

Foundation for African American skin: When you go to buy the foundation, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration. If you have a very dark skin colour, then you should choose a foundation which has a bluish undertone. If you have medium brown skin, then reddish-yellow tone foundation would suit your skin type. Just as a finishing touch, apply a light foundation which has a yellow touch to it. It works best for African American skin types.

African American Beauty Products
African American Beauty Products:

There are various beauty products which are specifically made for African American skin types. But before you buy, it is best if you go through the ingredients and make a detailed research about the product so as to see that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Always make it a point only the best quality products.

But when you are going to buy:
It is always better to buy the products which have natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa, aloevera as well as various Vitamins like vitamin A, D and E, C.

Since African American skin is oilier so always prefer to buy milk based cleansers. They are said to be best in terms of removing excessive oil from the skin without removing nourishment. For African American skin, beauty products which have soy also work well as it helps to provide elasticity during winter months.

If you are suffering from skin blemishes, then use beauty products with citric acid and glycolic acid which are effective in removing the dead skin cells. Black Opai is one of the most favoured beauty product for African American skins as it helps to prevent acne and pimples.

Apart from all these effective beauty tips for African American skin types, what matter is your diet and lifestyle. So make sure you are not ignoring the same along with drinking adequate amount of water. It will bring glow to your face.

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