Thursday, January 3, 2013

Foot Care Tips

Foot care forms an essential aspect of your daily skin care routine, but most of the times we tend to ignore the same (me too fall in the same line), thereby, leaving us with cracked and dry heels which can spoil our overall appearance. If we neglect foot care, at times cracks may become so severe that it might lead to fissures. They may cause bleeding and infection too.

Causes of Dry Cracked Heel
  • Wearing ill-fitted shoes might cause pain and cracked heels.
  • Ignoring your daily foot hygiene too may lead to cracked heels
  • Indoor heating may cause dry heels.
  • Excessive pressure on the feet too may cause heels to crack.
  • Cracked heels imply that you are not giving proper attention to your feet. They are not being properly moisturized the way you do with your face and the rest of the body.
  • Cracked heels are common amongst people and might even lead to peeling of the feet. So it is very important to take proper care of the feet.
Treating Foot Related Problems

It is essential to take care of your foot the way you do with the rest of the body so always make a proper selection of your shoes. Make sure they are soft and comfortable to wear and does not cause any discomfort to the feet.  Leather shoes are said to be the best because they keep your feet breathable.

You must also wear socks and stockings which suit your foot or else your foot might feel irritated or develop pain. You need to buy those socks which absorb sweat in order to avoid fungal infection in the feet which might occur due to excessive sweat. Never wear any of the shoes or socks which do not fit in well.

Avoid wearing high heels as they tend to cause foot related problems like soreness.
Regular walking also helps in keeping your feet healthy. Walking is considered good for your overall health too. So, if you are wearing proper shoes and socks, walking will be considered beneficial for your feet.

Essential Foot Care Tips
Give your feet a proper foot bath which must include a proper massage. When you go for it, you may add to the water peppermint oil which will give you a cool feeling. Foot massage helps to give you a relaxing feeling.

Since skin on the feet do not have any oil glands so they have to be moisturized on a daily basis in order to keep them soft and supple. So every night, before going to sleep make sure to moisturize your feet well.

If you shoes have worn down, it is time to replace them rather than wearing them. After 6-7 months, shoes tend to lose the ability to support the feet well and hence it is better to buy a new pair of shoes.

Pumice stone serves best to remove calluses. Use it daily or thrice a week in order to remove the dead skin layers of the foot. It is best to apply a hydrating cream after using pumice stone. I always bank upon it. It works well for me.

Foot odor is yet another cause of  concern for many. If you are wearing closed shoes, you might suffer from foot odor which can really be embarrassing for you. So, prefer to wear sandals whenever possible so as to let the air pass through the feet. It is best to wear moisture wicking socks.

In order to prevent dryness from causing calluses to your feet, it is recommended that you must soak your feet in warm water. It softens the skin around the heels and helps to treat cracked heels.

Though you apply sunscreen to your face and neck but you tend to ignore your foot which is not good. Always apply a good amount of sunscreen to your feet to keep them healthy and glowing.

Make regular use of foot powder especially in summer months in order to keep the foot scented and they also helps to keep the foot refreshed. Foot powders soak the excessive moisture too.
Don’t forget to trim your toe nails too. Most of the time dirt gets accumulated in toe nails which gives a very unhealthy look.

This foot lotion contains peppermint scent which gives a soothing and refreshing feeling to the feet. The other key ingredients include cocoa, shea butter, almonds and apricot which are effective in hydrating the foot skin.

A portable foot spray which contains a cherry scented mist helps to hydrate the skin. It is effective to use if you have burning sensation on the foot.

One of the best when it comes to making your feet soft. It contains menthol and tea tree oil, helps to remove calluses. Treat your feet with it to get relaxing feeling.