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How to Apply Foundation Properly

How to Apply Foundation Properly
How to Apply Foundation Properly
So, you love applying foundation Do You? Well surely, who doesn't love it.Me too, can't go out in parties without the touch of foundation on my face. Hah... In such case, how to Apply Foundation Properlyis perhaps becomes important to know in order to set your makeup right and give you the perfect looks. Applying foundation is one of the trickiest things and you need to know the right steps to get that perfect shining look. I wrote this article, while i was searching myself as to what are the techniques of proper foundation applications. So felt let me share it out with my fellow gals .....

How to Apply Foundation Properly: Why is it needed?

Foundation is also known as a makeup base and in fact it is one of the most important steps when it comes to getting a desired look. You simply cannot avoid it. Foundation helps to give an even tone to your skin. It is a makeup base as it helps in hiding skin blemishes, pimples, acne and blackheads. Foundation is said to be good for your skin because it helps to moisturise your skin well. It also protects skin from dirt and harsh climate. For me, applying foundation becomes necessary only because few months back i suffered from terrible acne and now they have left their marks on the skin. Being a new bride, (yep only 4 months old!!) I had to look good when i was invited to parties and so covering those acne marks and spots was a necessity for me.

How to Apply Foundation Properly: Types Available

There are different types of foundations which are available in the market today and you need to choose the one which suits your skin type the best:

  • Liquid Foundations
  • Creamy foundations
  • Sticky foundations
  • Powder foundations
  • Mousse foundations
  • Oil free foundations

Liquid Foundations:

The liquid foundation are said to be perfect for all skin types especially for dry and sensitive skin. Not just they offer a good coverage to your face but give your makeup a natural look too. These are primarily oil free foundations. (Read here how to apply liquid foundation).

I too love this one, because they blend easily on my skin and give it a smooth coverage.

Mousse Foundations:

These are the newest trends in foundations and it is a combination of liquid foundation and powder foundation. It is quite effective in hiding your skin blemishes, hiding pimples and uneven skin tones. (I am yet to try this one, Have you tried it,do share its experience)

Stick Foundations:

These are said to be a comfortable foundation which is quite easy to apply.  You can even use it as a concealer too. They work well for normal and oily skin. (This one doesn't suit my sensitive skin, leaving patches on the skin)

How to Apply Foundation Properly: Steps

Before applying foundation, make sure to wash your hands and face with water. It is best to use makeup brushes or sponges for applying foundation.

It is important to tone your skin with a toner and wipe with a cotton.

With a soft cotton apply moisturiser to your face in order to get a more natural look as well as give protection to your face. Applying moisturiser is very much essential even for those with oily skins. This helps to improve your skin type and act as a protective layer. Wait for around 3-5 minutes. Moisturiser is known to blend your skin properly.

Next apply a concealer under your eyes in order to hide any of the dark circles as well as on your face so that blemishes are not visible.

Apply foundation and always remember the less you apply the better in order to get a natural look. So it is better to apply it with a sponge to get a thinner layer. Just take out a little bit of foundation on your finger tips or sponge and then apply. (Earlier i tried using it with finger tips but it left bad marks, now i am a fan of sponge)

Revlon Photo Ready Makeup Foundation
Revlon Photo Ready Makeup Foundation
How to Apply foundation properly- the Right Way: you need to start from your cheeks and make sure the color of foundation matches your skin tone too. Just apply tiny dots of foundation on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, and around lips and then with sponge or fingertips try to blend the dots evenly.

Be soft on your face. Start from forehead and move in circular motions and then slowly come to your jawlines. Make sure you are applying foundation on the neck too. There are many of the girls which are not applying it on their neck, well i just want to say please please do apply, otherwise your face and neck will look poles apart and give a bad impression.

In order to set the foundation properly, it is important to apply loose powder. This helps to hold the foundation for a longer period of time. Apply the loose powder with a powder brush, don’t use it excessively. Stroke evenly around your face and neck.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish

Warming the foundation a bit in your palms helps to increase penetration ability.

How to choose foundation:
Before knowing how to apply foundation properly it is more important to know as to how to choose foundation correctly. When you choose a foundation, just apply a little bit on your jawline and blend it. If it blends well then buy that foundation.

  • The colour of the foundation should match your skin tone.
  • It is important that you should always shake the bottle of foundation before applying.
  • It is best to choose a foundation with SPF 15.
  • Avoid using matte foundation because it makes your skin look dull and sordid.
  • Once you know how to apply foundation properly, you can surely get that drop dead gorgeous look and make yourself adorable.

    So, this was it friends, all about foundations- an essential aspect of makeup routine. But do let me know which has been your favourite type and what has been your experience. Would love to listen your side of the story. Share it here, I am waiting

    Have a good Day!!!


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