Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Ways to Make Beautiful Face With a Low Cost

Women have a beautiful face and a man had a handsome face, of a desire of every person. But after all is a congenital facial, making it difficult to be changed to change. Perhaps to get a more beautiful face,  activities such as body treatments, facial makeup, hair and fashion. Sometimes, to satisfy this desire can spend thousands of dollars, except for the artist who is selling her beauty. Of course most of the artist's salary is used for body treatments. So, how get a beautiful face with a low cost?

1. Take a bath regularly using soap that suits your body, you can also use nutrition to beauty soap so that your body stays smooth

2. Eat healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, start to reduce fat. Vitamins of the fruit can be made ​​more compact and clean skin. Do not let the excess fat that you carry on obesity

3. Sleep on a regular basis, use 6-8 hours per day. Lack of sleep can cause eye wrinkles and skin aging faster

4. Occasionally go to a hair salon and body treatments, make as you wish beautiful hair

Four Ways to make a beautiful face that has been discussed above may be used at the hearing. Wait, there are points of the 5th so you look more beautiful.

5. That is 'sense of love', yes! feelings of love from the opposite sex he would automatically see yourself more beautiful than others despite the fact that you are not more beautiful. Make him fall in love with your style and your good attitude to him.