Sunday, March 25, 2012

Summer Beauty Care Series - Part 1

Ah! The summer heat is in! Winter has almost gone and now it's the administration of "Mr.Sun" all over the earth. Most of us, especially women hate summer for several causes such as skin tanning, pigmentation, sweat and sunburns. In most of the Northern countries, people are crazy about summer and long for sun light to have a warm sun bath but what about here in India and other hot countries? We feel like being inside pressure cooker even though when we are inside home. Don't just get irritated because of this current weather! :P Mr.Sun will be here for more than 6 months and will be showing his full power on the months of March, April and May. Prepare yourself and your skin of course to face the harmful effects of sun. I guess we talked a lot bad about sun :P It has some goodness too, especially for the dry skinned people. You do not want to worry about getting that winter stretchy skin or chapped bleeding lips. Summer is kind enough not to strip off excess moisture from your skin but remember, instead of that, the UV rays is in form to harm!

From today, may be daily or often  we are going to discuss here about summer skincare tips and ideas for a beautiful skin and hair. This is the part 1 series and please head on to our space regularly for many more series and save your skin from Mr.Sun! 
   As this is the first part, let us make it easier for skincare beginners too. Haven't you taken care of your skin till now? Feeling hard to find about words like exfoliation, CTM routine and SPF? Leave your worries. We can begin this series with very simple ideas so that you can come along with us part by part and learn things about summer beauty care.

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Splash Water Everywhere 
Everywhere doesn't mean your home or any place, it's just your skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body which protects our inner organs. So don't we at least do justice and protect our skin from the sun for saving our organs? Water is a thing of life! It cools down, it hydrates and of course it makes us alive. Whenever you get time, splash cold water on your skin and gently wipe off with a soft cotton towel. This will heal the minute burns and redness caused due to the sun rays. Small ice cubes if rubbed on your facial skin does wonders in summer season. It calms down the skin, controls and reduces open pores and also minimizes the acne bumps. So remember, twice, thrice or as many times a day splash cold water over your facial and body skin. 

Welcome Watery Fruits
You can see watermelons, cucumbers and other juicy fresh fruits everywhere now! When summer begins, these fruits fill up most of the markets. So visit your nearest market and pick some healthy and fresh fruits. Eat them everyday or juice them and drink, keep sure to add honey as the sweetener instead of the slow poison "Sugar". These fruit juices not only hydrates your body, they provide hydration and glow to your skin. Watery fruits just for your tummy? Not at all. You can pamper your skin with them actually. For example, make to slices of a juicy watermelon, a big slice and a small slice. The bigger one is for your stomach and make the smaller one work on your facial skin. Simply rub it over your facial skin, leave on for few minutes and wash off with cold water. Not only watermelon, fruits like cucumber, papaya and many other do wonders on calming and improving skin. For more benefits and chillness, keep the fruit slices on your refrigerator for minutes. Take them out and let your skin enjoy them! Juices can also be applied all over your facial skin. Following this fruit skin care and body care makes you a healthier as well as a younger glowing person! Radiant and soft skin is all yours.

Say Yes to Diary Products
Milk, butter, yogurt and ghee? Welcome them to your daily summer skincare routine. Raw milk should be applied on your skin every morning before bath and every evening after reaching home to calm down and soften skin. This can be left for 5 minutes to work and washed off thoroughly with cold water. Milk is one of the best natural skin cleanser and sunburn curer, so don't say no to it. Dry foot occurs not only in winters, but in summers too. Wash them properly and massage with smooth cow butter every night before going to bed. Peacock feather like, sunburn free soft feet is all yours within a week! Yogurt is for calming skin and removing tan so apply it over your skin after sun exposure. Leave on for 15 minutes to work and wash off. This can be followed regularly to maintain your skin tan free and bright. So what about ghee? Last but not least, ghee is for your pinky lips. Lips suffer from harmful UV rays too! Calm them down and cure the burns with a ghee massage every evening after coming home. See how helpful diary products are! So say yes to fatty butter and ghee, only on your skin not on your diet in larger amounts.

For today, these are enough I guess! Follow these ideas and let us know how it works.
 Let your skin glow and beat the sun, this summer! Keep visiting here for more parts on this summer beauty care series.

So buddies! How are you going to take care of your skin this summer??? We are waiting to hear now.