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10 Best Source Protein for Body Building (Animal Protein)

Protein for Ideal body building. Protein intake is essential for the build of athletic and muscular body, but the intake is not only dependent on the source of the supplement only; food can be a supportive element. Proteins of the already highly prevalent in the ears, for you enthusiasts fitness; where in the course of your ideal athletic body shape, protein intake is one of the main nutrition is most important. Aside from being a source of energy and play a role in the formation of new cells in the body (especially muscle), protein is very important also affect the work of enzymes, hormones, immunity, balance of fluids in the body organs.

Apart obtained from supplements, protein can be obtained from animal and vegetable products through food. The complete amino acid content of animal protein to some sources say that animal protein is better than vegetable protein. However, the fat content in animal products often make the switch to vegetable protein. So Which protein should I eat? Let's have a look one by one, 10 best source of protein for body building

Animal protein
Proteins are composed of several amino acids, some of which can be produced by the body and some will not. Amino acids that can not be produced by the body or it is called essential amino acids can be obtained from food. Compared by proteins from plant, animal protein such as meat, fish, milk, cheese, and eggs contain all nine essential amino acids the body needs.

Products derived from animals generally contain high fat. However, it does not mean we should not consume them. Consumption of meat and low fat milk is the best solution to get the good of the animal products without the excess fat which will slow the process toward your sixpack abdomen.

1. Red Meat
Konsumsi red meat seperti daging sapi, kambing dan domba baik untuk tubuh. Selain sebagai sumber protein, red meat juga penting sebagai sumber vitamin B12 and zat besi heme. Vitamin B12 merupakan vitamin yang sulit ditemui pada tumbuhan. Oleh sebab itu, orang yang hanya mengkonsumsi protein nabati memiliki resiko kekurangan vitamin B12. Zat besi terdapat dalam 2 bentuk; heme dan non-heme. Zat besi heme adalah tipe zat besi yang lebih mudah untuk diserap oleh tubuh dibandingkan dengan non-heme. Oleh sebab itu, konsumsi red meat baik untuk memastikan kecukupan zat besi pada tubuh.

2. White Meat
Chicken is one example of white meat protein sources. Similarly, red meat, chicken also contain fat and cholesterol. There are a lot of chicken fat on the skin and the chicken thighs, so choose the chicken breasts.

3. Fish
Of course we all already know that fish is a high-protein foods. However, in contrast to the flesh, we do not have to worry about the fat content in fish. Some types of fish, such as gindara have a very low fat content. Other fish such as salmon and tuna have enough fat content, but do not worry because the fat contained in it is a good Omega 3 fats.

4. Milk and other dairy products
80% protein in whole milk is casein protein, while the remaining 20% ​​is whey protein. Combination of both types of proteins will optimize your sixpack workout. Whey protein can be absorbed quickly by the body making it suitable to be consumed before exercise. In contrast, the effects of slow release casein protein for maintaining protein content as long as you sleep. High milk protein casein can be found on the L-Men Regular Slow Release Formula.

In people with lactose intolerance, milk consumption can cause diarrhea, so it can be replaced by yogurt consumption. This is possible because the lactose in yogurt is broken down through fermentation processes. L-Men also provides other solutions, namely through the L-Men Hi Protein Asiatix. Its low lactose content is safe for consumption by people with lactose intolerance.

5. Eggs
Eggs are one of the foods commonly consumed by fitness enthusiasts to meet the needs of high protein since time immemorial. Why is that? Protein quality was assessed by several parameters, one of which is a biological value (BV). The higher the BV value of the protein that is easily absorbed protein in the body. Compared with other protein sources, the value of BV (whole eggs) is the highest, ie 100.

6. Anchovy
You may be surprised with this fact. Yes, food is often underestimated (often achieved the "food of the people") was a high protein content. Although small in size, protein content was 10%. In addition to protein, you can also get calcium from fish consumption. Little cayenne pepper!

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