Friday, April 20, 2012

Source of Protein for Body Building (Plant Protein)

Protein for Ideal body building. Protein intake is essential for the build of athletic and muscular body, but the intake is not only dependent on the source of the supplement only; food can be a supportive element. Proteins of the already highly prevalent in the ears, for you enthusiasts fitness; where in the course of your ideal athletic body shape, protein intake is one of the main nutrition is most important. For high source of protein, the plant protein source you can read the next article in  'Source Protein for Body Building (Animal Protein)'

Apart obtained from supplements, protein can be obtained from animal and vegetable products through food. The complete amino acid content of animal protein to some sources say that animal protein is better than vegetable protein. However, the fat content in animal products often make the switch to vegetable protein. So Which protein should I eat? Let's have a look one by one, source of protein for body building

Plant protein
With all the goodness of animal protein, cholesterol is a fat that can only be found in products of animal origin. Because of this health concern, many people are switching to plant protein. Let's learn more about beans, nuts, grains, and peas.

7. Beans
Soybeans (soybean) is the most popular plant protein. This is caused by high protein content, but the price is more affordable. Soy milk also has benefits for people who have lactose intolerance or allergy to cow's milk. In addition, soybeans also contain antioxidants which can counteract free radicals. Still in the category of beans, green beans (mungbean) is also an alternative high-protein foods. In addition to protein, green beans also provide other nutrients, such as: vitamins, minerals, and fiber

8. Peas
Peas or beans (such as peas) are not commonly consumed vegetable by the people of Indonesia. However, you may be interested to vary your diet with peas after learning that peas also contain proteins other than fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
So, where should I eat? Balanced nutrition is the answer. Remember with adage that "the excess of everything is bad"? Seimbangkanlah consumption of both, because in addition to protein, animal products and vegetable also contain other nutrients that are good for the body.

9. Nuts
Good news for you who like to eat beans. In addition to good taste, high in protein was nuts. But what about fat? You do not need to worry because the fat in nuts are good fats for heart health. But with all his benefits, that does not mean you can consume them in amounts too much, might even take you to the stomach than one pack sixpack.

10. Grains
Grains or grains, such as wheat, is more widely known as a source of carbohydrate. But, you know that whole grains also contain protein? On wheat, the protein content could reach about 9%. Surprising fact, yes? However, consumption of grains should be limited, especially for those who are on a low carb diet.

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