Monday, April 16, 2012

Nails of the day: On the hotlist!

I haven't worn glitter on my nails in such a long time so I decided it was time for a bit of sparkle in my life. I have just finished watching the amazing Lisa Eldrige's peacock inspire makeup tutorial and noticed she had a gorgeous design on her nails. It was a super pale nude polish with a holographic glitter over the top. I loved it and thought I'd give it a go myself. I didn't have such a light beige colour so opted for something a little darker to show of the glitter!

I used this fabulous polish from Rimmel London called 'Hot List - 385'. It's such an unusual shade with a little twist on the basic taupe. It actually has a bunch of fuchsia and purple shimmer in when you tilt it in certain lights so it's lovely on it's own too. I must also comment on the brush that these 'Pro' polishes come with. They are quite thick and stubby but have a rounded tip. This curve comes in so handy for creating a lovely arch shape near the cuticles. I applied two coats of this and then followed that with a coat of Barry M's 'Hollogram - 244' polish. It's basically a clear polish with lots of hexagonal holographic glitters particles in! I love this polish because it's so easy to apply over any nail varnish to make it more interesting. It also acts as a super shiny top coat as it mainly consists of a clear base.

Let me know what you think of glitter top coats! And have you seen Lisa's new video?