Friday, April 20, 2012

The Secret of Bananas for Body Building

Ideal body building, conducting exercises in the gym, sports and fitness is a series progaam you do to establish or maintain an ideal body shape athletis. Of course you know that's very helpful to build your body, Have either of you know the benefits of bananas? Yes, bananas are very good to accompany workout.
Bananas have a fairly intimate proximity with fitness activities, maybe a personal trainer you ever advised to eat a banana before or after gym? Of course you're curious, what the fruit of this one so often glorified sportsman? Let's peel the skin and deeper recognize it, the secret of bananas for body building

Carbohydrates and exercise
Unlike the cardio training such as jogging or cycling, the only source of energy during weight training is karbohidrat1. Apart from the carbohydrates we eat before workout, can also be obtained from the energy reserves of carbohydrates in the body. After weight training as fitness, carbohydrate reserves will be depleted in use. Therefore, the consumption of carbohydrates after a workout will recharge the reserves of carbohydrates in the body.

Why banana helps workout program?
That 's where bananas come in! Structure Mushy bananas are soft and make it easily digestible and absorbed by the body. One fifth of the banana to eat is carbohydrates, which gradually turned into simple sugars such as bananas matang2. Of the total carbohydrate contained bananas, 20% it is glukosa3. Glucose-rich course content suitable for feeding the tired muscles after a fitness or exercise. In addition, 20% of total carbohydrates in bananas are fruktosa3. Simple sugars is unique because it takes more time to process the body, making it suitable for consumption of extra energy during exercise.

Bonus for you lovers of bananas, the fruit of this one is also able to make you stay active. The content of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C work together in maintaining the immune system to not get sick. Vitamin B6 is also contained in the fruit helps metabolize protein. Tips for those who want to eat, it's good when ripe banana consumed (when the skin is yellow and the expansion there is brown spots), because that is when the content of antioxidants in most tinggi5 bananas. A good alternative for energy content at the gym, right?

Well, no need to think again about the length of banana, this fruit is favored by many people even toddlers and children. Proved to have good relations in the workout program for build body athletis. Every day consume a banana is a natural thing, obviously fresh fruit has good nutrition rather than a dish food products