Friday, May 4, 2012

Cellulite: the external or the lack of a terrible disease?

Seeing the unfortunate cellulite in the mirror, thinking about it "settle" in the brain, forcing the others, and begin to itch.
"From the urgent need to get rid of him! Spring - short skirts! Summer - a bikini! .. No, it is definitely on the urgent need to get rid of! "

Although in such cases, the female mind directs the desire to make your body beautiful and flawless, but making it so, it can also protect against many unwanted illnesses.
The term "cellulite", appeared in 1973, by publishing an article entitled "Cellulit" was written by Nicole Ronsard, owner of a large New York beauty salon. In this publication, Nicole carried the "cellulite" is not just a violation of the aesthetic, and to women's diseases.
Since then, a huge beauty industry threw all his strength to fight this "terrible" problem.
Briefly tell us about this disease, this change in adipose tissue, which is part of the skin, which manifests the appearance of surface, the so-called "orange peel", which can be seen, slightly squeezing the abdomen or thigh skin between thumb and index finger.

This change in subcutaneous fat tend to hormonal-active woman.
In the menopause estrogen levels in the body decreases, and the body slowly begins to fade, and before that, because of the high number of the same estrogen, we are "attacking" cellulite.
It is tempting to wonder why everything is so perfect?
The fact that in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks is a significant part of adipose tissue, where they are located hormonal centers.
Therefore, the appearance of cellulite coincides with hormonal changes in teenage girls. But that is not expressed "crust" and is manifested only a slight swelling of the subcutaneous fat. At this stage you can not particularly worried. During this period, cellulite does not require a major adjustment. Light massage and self-massage can help stop these unwanted processes.
But if the first "call" to skip past the ears, then the process must begin to progress and to penetrate into the extracellular space by changing the fat cells.

Cells that are due to swelling badly supplied with blood, further squeezing the larger vessels, creating huge lesions in tissues, and as a result - the slowing of metabolism in fat cells and fibrous capsule formation and adhesions between them. And this leads to a change in pressure in the vessels and varicose veins, abnormal lymph drainage leads to the accumulation of fat mass.
Given such bad consequences from simple cellulitis, French Ministry of Health has officially recognized the disease process of subcutaneous fat, which throughout the world suffer 80% of women - regardless of age, stature, weight and physical activity.
So do not pay attention to the "orange peel" can not be consoled ourselves with the fact that there is nothing wrong in that there is that my husband loves me and is such a short skirt - they simply do not have in my wardrobe!