Friday, November 30, 2012

Top Five Home Remedies for Fast Hair Growth

Top Five Home Remedies for Fast Hair Growth (My Mom's Own Hair Secrets)

Hello Everyone!
Today, I have come up with a hair care post for all of you who are longing to grow your hair long and strong. I had a knee length hair when I was 12 but eventually, I lost interest in maintaining my long hair and had cuts many times. My long hair at childhood not only gifted me lots of compliments from neighbors, friends and family but it also had made me get punishments in my school for being late everyday :P On my fourteens and fifteens I hardly bothered about my hair.
           Even last year, I had not wanted a long hair at all. I maintained that waist length hair (It is not considered long in my family :( sob sob!) till last year and now finally, I am 17 and a huge love on LONG HAIR has been developed inside my heart! I have no clue why I am loving to have a long hair. But I am sure I dream about long hair many times a day. I have even worried that why I had cut my hair so many times in these hairs :( and if encase I hadn't done that, I would have been blessed with Rapunzel hair now. Alright! Past is past; so hereafter, I am not getting a hair cut at all, at least for the next four eyes. (Don't include the split ends trims once in 12 weeks!) I am going to jump into the hair growth challenge and maintain my hair like anything to achieve that knee long hair back (Greedy me!). I am not sure whether I will win the challenge or not but I am sure I will take necessary steps for that. Okay without further blabbering, let us move on to the post :P I don't wanna bore you all with my hair story.

My Mommy's Long Hair!

This is my mom's hair :D She is 55 now! and never died her hair or went to salon even once in these 55 years. She doesn't know what a hair mask or what a hair conditioner is! She swears by plain coconut oil and Shikakai. She had even longer and thicker hair before long years and this post is ofcourse compiled with her secrets!. :)

My Mom's Beautiful Hair! :)

Now, let me share 5 amazing tips & remedies to grow your hair longer in a shorter time. No! We cannot fasten the hair growth but we can prevent split ends, breakage, hair fall and that's all. Healthy hair grows longer without any obstacles. Don't you agree? 

        'Your hair grows anytime at the same rate of speed but the trick is how you care for it and prevent it'  This is my mom's hair growth theory :D

1.Maintain Your Hair Clean

Maintaining your hair clean everyday is very essential when it comes to faster hair growth. Unclean hair and scalp leads to allergies, dandruff and such kinda hair problems thus resulting in heavy hair loss. So even though when you hair grows at a good speed, you are losing lots of hair strands at a better speed. Can you get what I am saying?

  • Home Remedy for Faster Hair Growth 1: Shikakai mixed with curd acts as a great natural hair cleanser to clean hair and scalp. This shikakai home remedy for hair cleansing better than many other shampoos available in today's market loaded with SLS and parabens.

2. Moisturize Scalp and Hair Strands

My mom has a hip length hair now at the age of 55 and guess what? She does not have a single gray hair! I have always been jealous of my mom's hair beauty and her secret is 'Moisturizing hair' regularly. Yes! She oils her hair thrice every week to prevent scalp dryness and split ends. I personally don't like that oily feel on my scalp and hence I skip oiling at day time and go for a overnight oiling routine. Try using oils like coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil on your hair regularly; and you will definitely see the difference in weeks.

  • Home Remedy for Faster Hair Growth 2:  Mix coconut oil and olive oil together (Equal parts) Take a teaspoon of dried curry leaves powder and dried fenugreek powder each and put them into the oil mixture. Shake well and store it in dry place for one week. Now filter this oil and use it as your regular hair oil! See the magic withing 3 months of usage. My mom swears by this hair oil recipe for faster hair growth!

3. Wear Loose Braids

Tight braids and pony tails may damage your hair in long run. Avoid wearing tight hair bands and clips on your hair to prevent unwanted hair breakage and weakening of hair. Once a beautician told me, wearing tight pony tails often may result in front balding of hair :O Be aware girls! And wearing loose braids helps in better air circulation on your scalp, thus resulting in less sweat - less allergies and less hair fall. Where there is less hair fall, it is equal to fast hair growth automatically :) If you want long and strong hair, first know to save your hair! That is the best trick ever.

  • Home Remedy for Faster Hair Growth 3: Fill up a spray bottle with 100 ml of rose water and pour in two teaspoons of almond oil. Shake well and refrigerate. Use this hair spray after you rinse your hair to make your hair smooth, manageable and frizz free instantly. Using this hair spray help you make braids easily without any tangles! This also improves the texture and health of your hair, resulting in longer and stronger hair faster without any dry hair/combing breakage.

4. Get Good Sleep & Water

This might be one of the most heard tips, but still it is one of the best tips too. Get a proper good night sleep of 8 hours and drink atleast 10 glasses of water a day. This would regularize your metabolic activities and prevents hair loss due to stress and dehydration. Going to hair salons, using masks and other topical treatments alone won't work; if you want longer hair, you want to maintain your health  :) So don't forget this sleep and water trick anytime. Drinking tender coconut every morning helps too. This controls hair fall due to heat and provides mineral salts for your hair health.

  • Home Remedy for Faster Hair Growth 4: Excessive body heat causes bad damage to the hair though we follow all the other hair care regimes the right way. To control this, crush some fresh tulsi leaves and put them into your drinking water everyday. Tulsi cools down the body, relieves stress and vanishes hair fall caused due to body heat. Thus your hair grows long without any over heat obstacle!

5. Hair Growth Supplements

Are you losing much hair everyday? Is your hair not growing long anymore? You might be suffering from some nutrition deficiency. Consult your physician and discuss with him/her about the intake of hair care supplements. They might prescribe you biotin, iron or zinc etc depending on your deficiency problem. I am taking 5mg biotin everyday at present and it is giving me good results. It has reduced my hair fall to 90% and my hair is getting down to my waist :) Keep in mind; do NOT take any supplement without consulting your doctor.

  • Home Remedy for Faster Hair Growth 5: My mom tells me often that eating egg whites, whole nuts, spinach and cheese everyday increases the hair growth speed :) Soya bean helps too! Why don't you try them?

Did you liked the post? Follow these Five home remedies and fasten your hair growth naturally at home!

Do you have any tip for faster hair growth? If yes, do share below!